NEW - VEO 3+ Ultra-Versatile Tripod

NEW - VEO 3+ Ultra-Versatile Tripod

September 01, 2020 , Vanguard World

Over the years, Vanguard has driven to develop a versatile and intuitive tripod that is suitable for any style of photographer, from macro to landscapes.

Building on over 30 years design and manufacturing experience, and a multi-million $ investment in new factory, machinery, materials and training over the last three years, Vanguard is delighted to deliver the NEW VEO 3+ Collection - our most versatile tripod - ever!

Image: Reproduced with permission from Camera Jabber

Looking at the features in more detail...

Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC):

The Multi-Angle Central Column (or MACC) on the new VEO 3+ Tripods allows the central column to be moved almost 360° in any direction in seconds. Combined with the innovative push button leg lock and three easy set leg angles (23°, 50° and 80°), this allows this tripod to transition from a macro setting down low, to a landscape setting up over 1.7m tall in around 30-45 seconds.

The Multi-Angle Central Column (or MACC) can be moved at almost 360° in any direction

The locking system is simple and intuitive and, thanks to the precision of the CNC production, delivers a solid and stable base that is leading edge at it’s price position.


As if the versatility of the Multi-Angle Central Column wasn’t enough, we have designed the it to double up as a Multi-Mount using the VEO MA-1 which is included free.

This allows you to attach additional kit to make the most of your photo-shoot, such as a microphone or lighting unit.

The central column also includes a scale that, combined with the other degree markings on the tripod, allows you to replicate shots over time

Leg That Converts To A Monopod:

For those times when you don’t need the full tripod, simply remove the marked tripod leg and central column, and screw the two together for a monopod that extends to over 1.8m

Solid, Easy Clean Leg Locks:

VEO 3+ Tripods come with ergonomic half-turn twist locks to unlock/lock the legs in seconds, allowing the tripod to be deployed/stowed rapidly and silently. Despite this speed, the leg locks combine with the premium 26mm diameter tubes to deliver a stable and solid base that extends over 1.7m for any shot.

To support the trend for beach photography, where the extra seconds of exposure a tripod can deliver can create stunning effects, VEO 3+ Tripods include easy clean leg locks.

To maximise the life of the tripod from the corrosive nature of sand and sea, simply:

  • unscrew
  • clean
  • reconnect 

A Premium, High Quality Shoulder Bag:

It’s rare that a tripod bag is more than a passing mention in a product description, but the tripod bag designed specifically for the VEO 3+ Collection demonstrates the attention to detail by the Vanguard design team.

This padded shoulder bag is designed to keep you tripod safe with full zip access and an internal zip up pocket for accessories. With two carry handles and the adjustable shoulder strap, this high quality tripod bag makes it easy and comfortable to carry the VEO 3+ Tripod, wherever you’re exploring.

The equivalent of this tripod bag, if bought separately, is the Alta Action 80 with an RRP of £49.99.

And That’s Not All:

In addition to these key features, VEO 3+ Tripods include:

  • A choice of Arca compatible ball head or an innovative 3-way pan head:
    • The VEO BH-160 Ball Head offers an incredibly firm grip that can handle pro-level kit up to 15kg. The locking knob for the main ball joint and the separate pan-lock are machined from solid aluminium to be both stylish and easy to use, even in cold wet conditions where gloves are needed.
    • The innovative VEO 2 PH-38 3-Way Pan Head allows the top handle to rotate to 90°, 180°, 270° and back to the starting position. This allows the photographer to choose the most comfortable setting for their shot. Whether a left handed photographer, a photographer creating video with their camera, or just because there’s an obstacle that’s preventing them from framing the perfect shot because the handle’s sticking out, the VEO 2 PH-38 rotating top handle can support you.
  • Rubber feet that can be removed to attach spiked feet (provided) for use outdoors
  • A retractable and removable hook at the base of the central column for attaching additional weight to add additional stability when needed
  • The tripod canopy includes a 3/8” thread for an additional support arm to be attached (not provided), that then allows access to a further accessories to be attached to the tripod to maximise your shot
  • A thread that converts from 3/8” to 1/4” by simply unlocking the set screw, turning the thread over and tightening the set screw, ensuring any tripod head will fit
  • The leg angle movement and the Multi-Angle Central Column lock are all easy to adjust, to ensure that you can tailor the movement to your particular requirements, and keep it that way over the life of the tripod

As a result, this innovative design, partnered with leading manufacturing techniques, delivers an experience that allows any photographer to explore their world with confidence.

Key Specifications:

Here’s What Vanguard Pro Mike Moats of Macro Photography Geeks Thinks:

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Comparing the VEO 3+ to the Alta Pro:

The VEO 3+ Collection is the culmination of several years of development, starting with the original Alta Pro, before the award winning Alta Pro 2+ launched in 2017. Below is a simple table to explain the key differences:

    Below is the brand video of the VEO 3+: 

    Available October 2020:

    We'll be launching the new VEO 3+ Tripods live at The Virtual Photography Show 2020 with a Facebook Live session on our page at mid-day on Sunday 20th September.  Here we'll demonstrate the product and run a live Q&A for you to ask any questions you may have.  Simply follow us on Facebook at VanguardPhotoUK and join us then.  

    If you can't make that date/time, the Facebook Live session will stay in place for you to watch at your convenience, or you can visit our YouTube page where we'll upload the demo video.

    Launch Promotion:

    We appreciate that stock is not yet available, so to thank you for your patience and allow you time to do your own research, we'll be giving away a FREE VEO 2GO 204AB worth £100 to the first 50 people to buy and register a VEO 3+ Tripod from any UK dealer or from our website. This means that the first 50 will get an ultra-versatile full sized tripod and an ultra-portable travel tripod, covering every eventuality. For full details, go to the bottom of this blog.

    To be amongst the first to know that stock is available and how to claim your free travel tripod, simply:

    • e-mail 
    • make the title "Please tell me when the VEO 3+ is available"

    As soon as stock is available, we will e-mail you with all the information you need.

    Please note that in e-mailing us, you are giving us permission to add you to our mailing list in order to provide the information, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

    So if you're looking for a tripod that can be used for any photography style, we recommend you visit your local dealer to check out the VEO 3+ Collection and #MakeUpYourOwnMind. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed. 

    Free VEO 2GO 204AB's are still available! Act fast to get yours!

    How to claim your FREE VEO 2GO 204AB Travel Tripod:


    1. Make your qualifying purchase(s) from any UK based dealer, or our website;
    2. Complete the claim form  - Click here for a PDF of the claim form;
    3. Return it to us as fast as possible, with a copy of your receipt, to:
      • E-mail:
      • Post:  Vanguard Binoculars Offer, 73 Basepoint Business Centre, Aviation Business Park, Christchurch, BH23 6NX

    We will confirm by e-mail whether your claim has been successful or not within 5 working days and, where successful, issue the FREE VEO 2GO 204AB within 30 days.  

    If not successful, we will confirm by e-mail.

    Terms & Conditions:

    • The statement above "Free VEO 2GO 204AB's are still available! Act fast to get yours!" is indicative only, and does not guarantee the promotion is still available as we cannot forecast the exact number of claims that will come in on any given day. Vanguard World UK Ltd will act in good faith and confirm when the promotion is over as soon as we can;
    • The offer only applies to the first 50 purchases of Vanguard a VEO 3+ tripods sold from a UK dealer or our website from the date of launch, that are registered with Vanguard World UK Ltd using the official claim form;
    • Vanguard World UK Ltd reserves the right to change the number of free products at their discretion, and cannot guarantee the availability of your preferred model;
    • Vanguard World UK Ltd reserve the right to change the qualifying offer,  qualifying dates or the Terms and Conditions at their discretion. Any change will be documented in this blog;
    • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers;
    • This promotion is only available on purchases made from a recognised dealer in the United Kingdom (including the Vanguard website) and for a new product;
    • The claimant must have a valid UK address for the delivery of the free VEO 2GO 204AB [the "Product"];
    • You will only be eligible for the free Product if a copy of the proof of purchase(s) has been supplied with the claim form. Claims on purchases that are made after the first 50 purchases have been registered will be treated as invalid;
    • Vanguard World UK Ltd reserves the right to request the original proof of purchase if it is felt necessary;
    • Maximum of one claim per household;
    • In claiming, you are allowing Vanguard World UK Ltd to share relevant personal details with the dealer you purchased the qualifying purchase from (and any other party they see fit) to ensure it is a valid claim. This includes a copy of the receipt and any other information that Vanguard UK Ltd deem reasonable;
    • Employees of Vanguard World UK Ltd, Vanguard Ambassador's/Pros, Vanguard distributors or retailers are not eligible for this offer;
    • Vanguard World UK Ltd is not responsible for lost, late or misdirected mail and we recommend that postal returns are sent "signed for" to avoid the return being lost. Please keep copies of all materials sent;
    • Provided all applicable terms are met, the free Product will be sent within 30 days of receipt of your claim, assuming stock availability. While everything possible will be done to minimise the risk, in the event of stock of the product not being available, Vanguard reserve the right to delay this while additional stock is sourced, or supply a replacement Product and Vanguard World UK Ltd reserve the right to select the product to issue in this case;
    • Vanguard World UK Ltd will be responsible for the cost of sending the free Product, but the claimant will be responsible for all other costs associated with the claims process;
    • Vanguard World UK Ltd reserve the right to withhold the free Product if there is a cause to believe a product claim is invalid or not in accordance with these conditions;
    • If the qualifying purchase is returned within six months of the free Product being issued for a cash refund, then the purchaser will need to return the free Product at their own cost.  This refund offer does not affect your statutory rights;
    • Any disputes will be processed under the jurisdiction on English law.

    For any questions or clarification, please e-mail us at


    Vanguard Team
    Vanguard Team

    September 22, 2020

    Hi Patrick

    We can e-mail prices, but unfortunately the e-mails bounced back. If you search “3+” you will see the products on our website. but at time of writing the aluminium models are £229.99 and the carbon models are £299.99.

    Unfortunately the 2x camera setup is designed specifically for the VEO 3+ and cannot be used on the Manfrotto Tripod.

    The Vanguard Team

    Patrick Collins
    Patrick Collins

    September 21, 2020

    Hi, I have several Nikon DSLRs and am hoping to have a tripod that can attach my D750 with 24mm-70mm lens and also another D750 with a 70mm-200mm lens. Please could you email me details, prices. I currently have a Manfroto Tripod and wondered if the 2 x camera set up could be attached to this tripod also? Thank you very much, Patrick

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