Alta Action 80 Padded Tripod Bag (folded tripods up to 80cm)

Alta Action 80 Padded Tripod Bag (folded tripods up to 80cm)


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The ALTA RISE 80 is an advanced tripod bag designed to fit Vanguard’s ALTA PRO tripod & head combinations (up to 80cm long).

  • ALTA LINK - connector to ALTA BACKPACKS for ultimate Vanguard ALTA EXPERIENCE
  • Quick-action - extra wide top opening for quick and easy access with any tripod head
  • Stay steady - optimal balance sturdy carrying handles
  • Versatile carrying - two-way sling shoulder strap across the chest, or over the shoulder
  • Ease of transport - bottom grip for easy transfer in and out of car boot
  • Always protected - padded all round
  • No fumbling - bright colored interior makes finding things easy
  • Clean and dry – waterproof material all along the bottom

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Available in two alternative sizes, Alta Action 60 (for tripods up to 60cm long) and Alta Action 70 (for tripods up to 70cm long)



The ALTA ACTION 80 is an advanced tripod bag that is designed to best fit and protect Vanguard’s ALTA PRO tripods and heads (up to 80cm long when folded). With a streamlined exterior and padding, it offers the optimum protection for your tripod.

The wide top, full zipper opening and tapered shape ensure you don’t waste any time when you are in a hurry to set-up or pack-up with quick and easy access.

Inside there is a large flat internal pocket that is prefect to carry a tripod plate, screw driver or other tools and it holds the ALTA LINK connection strap

An integrated two-way sling shoulder strap and double handles are designed to ensure that you carry in comfort on your way to locations. It even has a double layered bottom grip that makes sure sliding the bag in and out of your car boot is simple and intuitive.

You can also enjoy the full ALTA EXPERIENCE thanks to the innovative ALTA LINK System which enables you to attach the advanced ALTA ACTION tripod bag, securely connected to any ALTA bag that features the ALTA LINK symbol!

All these features are all wrapped up in a high quality, sleek and modern design

Style Tripod Bag Tripod Bag
External Dimensions 32 1/8 x 7 1/8 x 5 4/8 inches 81.5 x 18 x 14cm
Internal Dimensions 31 4/8 x 6 6/8 x 5 1/8 inches 80 x 17 x 13cm
Weight 0.84lbs 380g
Colour Black Black
Shoulder Strap Yes Yes
Carry Handles Yes Yes
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Extended Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Category Accessories Accessories
Series Alta Action Alta Action