Repair Services

Vanguard has a team of product experts and repair technicians ready to solve any issues.

You can contact the Vanguard Customer Service Centre:

  • By using the "Contact Us" form on this website
  • E-mailing
  • Calling 01202 651281

Please refer to the warranty card included in the product packaging

If your product is deemed defective and it is within the warranty period, please follow this procedure:

  • Package your product securely (preferably in original packaging) and include your name, street address, post code (physical address only, no P.O. box), a daytime phone number, email address, a brief description of the issues and proof of purchase (copy of paper receipt).
  • If the product is under warranty, the unit will be assigned a repair assignment number. Your repaired unit, replacement unit or a similar product with equal value and function will be shipped to you.
  • If your unit is not covered under warranty, we will call you with a cost estimate for repair or replacement. At that time, you can accept or decline to move forward with our recommendation. By accepting the repair or replacement, you accept the stated charges and shipping cost. 
  • Your repaired unit, replacement unit or a similar product with equivalent value and function will be shipped to you via standard mail.

    This procedure is only applicable to new products purchased from an authorised dealer in the United Kingdom.

    If you purchased your Vanguard product outside of the UK, please contact the dealer you purchased the product from and present the warranty information enclosed in the product packaging. The dealer will provide directions to resolve your issue.

    If you have any problems however, we will always try to help you resolve them.