26mm TripodS

For maximum stability, we'd recommend tripods with 30mm maximum leg diameter, but these are heavy and bulky to carry over longer distances.  A good compromise are tripods with a 26mm leg diameter.

VEO 3+ Series:  

Multi-Angle Central Column | Full Sized | Arca compatible | Monopod Leg | CNC Machined

The VEO 3+ Series is designed to offer the combination of maximum stability and versatility that is perfect for any style of photography. Without doubt, this is Vanguard's most versatile tripod, and we believe it's probably the most versatile tripod on the market. 

VEO 3T+ Series:  

Multi-Angle Central Column | Travel Sized | Arca compatible | Monopod Leg | CNC Machined

The VEO 3T+ Series incorporates all the benefits of the VEO 3+ Series, but is four sections and the legs fold up around the head, making the tripods fold up about 300mm smaller for maximum portability.

Alta Pro 2+ Series:  

Multi-Angle Central Column | Full Sized | Arca compatible

The Alta Pro 2+ Series was the predecessor to the VEO 3+ Series with Arca compatible heads. Being die cast meant the precision that could be achieved was not as great, so it lacks the fluidity of the new series, and also features that CNC machining allows (such as a tripod leg that converts to a monopod). Where it can be a benefit is the geared twist locks, which are easy to set, but a little more fiddly to clean.  So these models are perfect for studio work, but if you want to photograph in more challenging conditions, we'd recommend the VEO 3+ Series.

Alta Pro Original Series:  

Multi-Angle Central Column | Full Sized

This is the generation that introduced the multi-angle central column to Vanguard and remains one of our best selling series.  They are not Arca compatible, and are a little more fiddly to use, but they still offer a great solution for the cost conscious and for photographers who want to consider the benefits of a multi-angle central column for their photography.

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VEO 3 Series:

Traditional Central Column | Full Sized | Arca compatible | Monopod Leg | CNC Machined

The VEO 3 is designed for maximum stability for those photographers who don't need the versatility of the multi-angle central column.

Travel Tripods:

Traditional Central Column | Travel Sized | Arca compatible | Monopod Leg | CNC Machined

For maximum portability, we produce some travel tripods with 26mm legs.

VEO 3GO Models is designed to be our most portable tripod series, folding down to 41cm and weighing from just 1,400g, but extending to 166cm and carrying up to 10kg, and these models include a smartphone adaptor kit.

VEO 3T Models have improved leg locks that maximise stability, folding down to 44cm and with a 12kg load capacity, and comes in two styles. The "BP" models (for Ball/Pan) are packed with features for vloggers, using a smartphone or camera. The "P" models (for Pan) are a more traditional 2-way pan solution for a camera, but the quick release plate can be rotated 90° to make it a 3-way solution.