VEO PA-10 Universal Smart Phone Connector + Remote Control

VEO PA-10 Universal Smart Phone Connector + Remote Control


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Attach your smartphone to any tripod or monopod, and take your smartphone photography and videos to another level with the VEO PA-10 Smart Phone Connector  Kit which combines a universal smart phone connector and a Bluetooth remote control that allows you to trigger your photo or video without touching the screen and introducing shake.

  • Fits any smartphone (or power bank) up to 86mm wide
  • Bluetooth remote control can be used for IOS or Android phones
  • 1/4" thread allows it to be fitted to any tripod head or directly to most table top tripods, traditional tripods and monopods
  • Can be used stand alone in landscape or portrait mode
  • Simple to set up and use

if you're looking for a lightweight table tripod to partner up with this then check out the VESTA VS-62 Pocketpod, or if you need a wider and more versatile smartphone clamp then you may wish to consider the VEO SPH to #unleashyourcreativity.

Please note, the Bluetooth remote control contains a CR2032 battery, so please always ensure it is always kept out of reach of children.

£17.99 £24.99

The VEO PA-10 is a universal smartphone tripod connector kit which is great for getting the most out of your smartphone camera. 

It includes a Smartphone Adaptor that is designed to fit most smart phone models and sizes this accessory offers simple connectivity and secure stability without having to grapple with complex mechanisms. Perfect for any smartphone that is between 2.1"/54mm and 3.4"/87mm wide; and a Bluetooth Remote Control that can be used for IOS and Android phones

Perfect for shooting long videos, stop motion videos or social media content on your phone, it's also fantastic when you just need that extra stability taking creative shots and utilising the full photographic features your phone facilitates such as: long exposures, double exposures, macro focus, panoramas and much more!

Alternatively it's also ideal when you just need extra stability for your smartphone, for example watching online content or taking part in online video calls

The VEO PA-10 can also fit to a standard 1/4" tripod thread, making it ideal for use on a tripod, selfie stick or a table tripod

This little accessory is a real game changer that guarantees to enhance your creativity, by utilising it as a stand-alone item or interconnected with a Vanguard table top tripod, standard tripod or monopod.

Please note that some of the Vanguard Kit models include the VEP PA-10 as standard, such as:

Alternatively, if you're looking for a lightweight table tripod to partner up with this, check out the VESTA VS-62 Pocketpod, or if you want a more professional smartphone solution then check out the VEO SPH Smartphone Holder.

Make the most of your smartphone with the VEO PA-10.

Folded Height 2.9 inches 7.4cm
Head Base Attachment 1/4 inches 1/4 inches
Landscape Mode Yes Yes
Maximum width of smart phone 3.4 inches 8.7cm
Portrait Mode Yes Yes
Series VEO Heads VEO Heads
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Weight 1.1oz 32g