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QS-39 is a quick shoe with 1/4" thread for Vanguard tripods that is compatible with models such as:

  • Alta Pro (original models)
  • SBH Heads

For a fuller list of models please see the long description


The Vanguard QS-39 Quick Release Plate is a quick-release camera plate that attaches to your camera for quick mounting to a tripod head and easy removal. It features a standard 1/4"-20 screw whose positioning is adjustable. The QS-39 quick shoe fits many Vanguard ball heads (SBH series) and pan heads (PH series).

Tripod Compatibility
Fits Alta+ 234AB, Alta+ 264AB, MG-8, MG-8 OS, and Tracker models S, 1-4, B-100, and B-200 tripods
Head Compatibility
PH-35, PH-50, PH-55, SBH-30, SBH-50, SBH-100, SBH-200, and SBH-250

Specific models include:

  • ABEO 283AB
  • ABEO 323AB
  • Alta Pro 253CB 50
  • Alta Pro 254CB 50
  • Alta Pro 263AB 100
  • Alta Pro 264AB 100
  • Alta Pro 283CB 100
  • Alta Pro 284CB 100
  • Alta+ 234AB
  • Alta+ 235AB 50
  • Alta+ 263AB 100
  • Alta+ 264AB 100
  • ALTA-234AB
  • ALTA-264AB
  • MG-8
  • MG-8 OS
  • PH-240 head
  • PH-35 Head
  • PH-50 Head
  • PH-55 Head
  • SBH-100
  • SBH-100 Head
  • SBH-200 Head
  • SBH-250
  • SBH-250 Head
  • SBH-30
  • SBH-30 Head
  • SBH-50
  • SBH-50 Head
  • Tracker 1
  • Tracker 2
  • Tracker 3
  • Tracker 4
  • Tracker B-100
  • Tracker B-200
  • Tracker S

Product Style Quick Release Plate Quick Release Plate
Arca Swiss Compatible No No
Top Plate Dimensions (L x W) 1.97 x 1.46 inches 50 x 37mm
Top Plate Shape Rectangle Rectangle
Base Dimensions (L x W) 1.97 x 1.61 inches 50 x 41mm
Able To Rotate By 90 Degrees On Tripod Head No No
Camera Attachment Thread Size 1/4 inch 1/4 inch
How Tightens Onto Camera Slot (for coin or screwdriver) Slot (for coin or screwdriver)
Anti Twist Pin No No
Able To Adjust Thread Position On Plate Yes (up to 1 inch) Yes (up to 25mm)
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Extended Warranty 4 Years 4 Years
Series Quick Shoe Quick Shoe