Meet the VEO SELECT Backpacks that convert to shoulder bags in seconds

Meet the VEO SELECT Backpacks that convert to shoulder bags in seconds

December 09, 2019 , BoostCommerce Collaborator

VEO SELECT is a collection that is designed to be at home in the city or in the great outdoors. Whether you're scouting for that perfect landscape shot, or enjoying a quiet coffee, this collection fits right in.

All models include a stylish, executive look that is available in black or military green. These bags are not designed to look like a traditional camera bag, disguising the fact that you're carrying a valuable camera kit as you travel.  

This is however, not a case of style over substance.  VEO SELECT are well padded bags designed to protect your valuable camera kit from the knocks and bumps as you travel. This padding is backed up with high quality, water and tear resistant materials, and a finish that is second to none.  

The collection includes three sizes of backpacks are designed to convert from a backpack to a shoulder bag in seconds.

  • VEO SELECT 41 is the smallest of the trio at just 32 × 21 × 42cm, this model is suitable for a mirrorless or DSLR camera with lens attached, 2-3 extra lenses, a flash, accessories, a 13" laptop and a travel tripod
  • VEO SELECT 45M is designed specifically for mirrorless camera kits with a thinner profile of just 19cm to minimise the camera moving on the go. In addition it is 4cm taller and so can take a larger 15" laptop or the Apple Macbook Pro 16" 
  • VEO SELECT 49 is the largest of the trio at 340 × 21 × 51cm which means it can include an additional mirrorless or DSLR camera body/lens on top of the 15" laptop or the Apple Macbook Pro 16"

All these models can be set up for rear access, top access or side access for maximum versatility.  In addition they have an internal day-pack section and a wealth of storage pockets for everything you need to carry.

Incredibly versatile interior with rear, side and top access:

 Converts to a shoulder bag in seconds:

Multiple storage options and rain cover included:

In addition to these features, these backpacks are designed to make it easy and comfortable to carry your kit over longer distances with an ergonomic and shoulder harness system, chest strap and waist belt for the most comfortable weight distribution possible. In addition the back is comfortably padded and the waist strap tucks away when not in use, so that it's not flapping as you travel.

It's not just Vanguard who like the VEO Select:

So if you're looking for a high quality, feature packed camera bag, but not sure whether you want a backpack or a shoulder bag, then check out the VEO SELECT and #MakeUpYourOwnMind

Available in every photography dealer looking to put photographers interests first. Click here for a list of our Authorised Dealers, but we suggest you call first to ensure they have the model you want to try. 


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