What Vanguard Bags fit the new Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch?

What Vanguard Bags fit the new Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch?

December 05, 2019 , BoostCommerce Collaborator

With the launch of the new MacBook Pro 16-inch we've been reviewing what Vanguard bags fit the new 16" model, rather than the old 15" model. 

Shoulder Bags:


  • ALTA SKY 49 - for carrying pro kit up mountains in comfort
  • ALTA SKY 53 - the big brother of the Alta Sky 49
  • ALTA SKY 51D - with two separate compartments for maximum versatility
  • ALTA RISE 48 - traditional day-pack that expands by 6cm with a simple zipper motion
  • VEO FLEX 47M - with a stylish roll-top design (available in black and sky blue) 
  • VEO RANGE 48 - retro style with the best of modern materials and features (available in blue and stone)
  • VEO SELECT 49 - Executive style backpack that converts to a shoulder bag in seconds (available in black and military green)

Roller Cases:

To see the full collection of bags CLICK HERE 

While we're at it, we thought we'd look out some initial reviews and thoughts on the Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch. If you're interested, you can check out some of these links and #MakeUpYourOwnMind:

Why not let us know what you think of this new release from Apple?


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