VEO 2GO - Travel tripods with the perfect blend of portability and performance

VEO 2GO - Travel tripods with the perfect blend of portability and performance

December 30, 2019 , BoostCommerce Collaborator

VEO 2GO is a collection of travel tripods that are designed for photographers who are looking for the ultimate in portability, without compromising on performance.

With models folding down to just 325mm and weighing as little as 775g, there can be no doubt that these travel tripods are incredibly portable. Even the ever tightening restrictions on hand luggage sizes and weights don't present a problem to these travel tripods.

Despite this portability, these tripods are designed to meet the exacting requirements of almost every photographer with models that extend up to 1665mm and can cope with a maximum load of 10kg. 

There are additional features that maximise the versatility of the VEO 2GO tripods. For example:

  • Each model has an Arca Swiss compatible ball head, allowing you to use specialist plates from other brands if needed.
  • Each model includes a retractable hook for hanging additional weight to make the tripod as stable as possible 
  • Each model (except 20mm models) enable macro/low angle photography though a reversible central column or using the Low Angle Adaptor provided
  • Each model (except 20mm models) enable panorama shots through the use of a separate pan lock and a degree scale on the base of the ball head
  • Each model (except 20mm models) includes spiked feet for additional stability outdoors 
  • "H" models include a leg that converts to a monopod.

The twist locks on the VEO 2GO are precision engineered to offer a solid base when in use, enabling the tripod to be set up and put away in seconds. 

We also recognise the growing trend for long exposures in wet conditions, such as for waterfalls or by the sea.  This makes the cleaning of the tripod legs more important than ever to maximise the life of the tripod. The twist locks on the VEO 2GO are simple to dismantle, allowing the sections to be cleaned thoroughly, then easy to re-assemble to a fully functioning tripod.

VEO 2GO is a high quality product that comes with a two year guarantee as standard, extendable to ten years by simply registering on the Vanguard website.

This has also be recognised in reviews, with review site Camera Jabber giving the VEO 2GO 265HCB a 5-star review and saying "Today when there are so many compact and travel tripods out there it’s challenging to find an inroad and supply something to the market that stands out, but the 265HCB does it"

The tables below show a comparison of each of the models, available in aluminium and carbon fibre.

To help identify which model is best for you, please find below a table with some common kit/styles:

 Style 20mm 23mm 26mm
Mirrorless Yes Yes Yes
DSLR No Yes Yes
Pro DSLR No Smaller lenses only Yes (HABM/HCBM)
Travel Yes Yes Yes
Landscape Yes Yes Yes
Water Yes Yes Yes
Panoramas No Yes Yes
Macro No Yes Yes

Vanguard have also designed collections of VEO Bags to complement VEO 2GO travel tripods. These are deliberately designed to look different to everyday camera bags, not just to complement a photographer's style, but also to disguise the fact that they are carrying a valuable camera kit as they travel. These include:

  • VEO GO - shoulder bags and backpacks designed for mirrorless camera kits
  • VEO FLEX - shoulder bags and backpacks with a stylish roll-top design
  • VEO RANGEshoulder bags and backpacks with a retro design, but modern materials and features
  • VEO SELECT - executive style backpacks that convert to shoulder bags in seconds   

VEO GO, FLEX and RANGE also include shoulder bags with internal tripod compartments, for maximum discretion as you travel, such as the VEO GO 34M shown below (also available in black)

 Model 32.5cm Tripods >41cm Tripods
VEO GO 34M Yes No
VEO RANGE 38 Yes Yes

So if you're looking for the ultimate blend of portability and performance, then check out the VEO 2GO travel tripods and #MakeUpYourOwnMind

Available in every photography dealer looking to put photographers interests first.


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