VEO 3+ or VEO 3T+ Tripod - What's The Difference?

VEO 3+ or VEO 3T+ Tripod - What's The Difference?

June 30, 2021 , Vanguard World


VEO 3+ vs VEO 3T+ - Central column

VEO 3+ vs VEO 3T+ - Load Capacity

VEO 3+ vs VEO 3T+ - Monopod Leg

VEO 3+ vs VEO 3T+ - Extras

VEO 3+ vs VEO 3T+ - VEO 3+ is taller

VEO 3+ vs VEO 3T+ - VEO 3T+ folds smaller

You can see Vanguard Professional Mark Duffy's summary of both models here:

In essence, they are the same great, ultra-versatile tripods and solid tripods, with a few design tweaks that deliver a choice between the full sized VEO 3+, or the travel sized VEO 3T+.

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Ian at Vanguard
Ian at Vanguard

July 19, 2022

Hi Sanjog

Thanks for your query. Every country has to consider what are the best products for their market, and to date the team in India are focussing on the VEO 3+. Having said that, I know the team are looking at the VEO 3T+, but I can’t confirm when that is likely to be available. If they decide to list it, it will hopefully be available later this year, or start of next year.

Ian at Vanguard

sanjog sinnarkar
sanjog sinnarkar

July 19, 2022

I am interested in purchasing the tripod from Veo 3T+ series. Its been more than a year the model has launced. However it is not yet available in India. May I know the reason and also a tentative date(s) about making the product available in India?

Appreaciate your time and help.
Thank you

Sanjog Sinnarkar

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