Meet the VEO 3T+ ultra-versatile travel sized tripod

Meet the VEO 3T+ ultra-versatile travel sized tripod

April 02, 2021 , Vanguard World


Over the years, Vanguard has driven to develop a versatile and intuitive tripod that is suitable for any style of photographer, from macro to landscapes. Building on over 30 years design and manufacturing experience, and a multi-million $ investment in new factory, machinery, materials and training over the last three years, Vanguard launched the VEO 3+. Our most versatile full-sized tripod - ever!

Vanguard is now proud to introduce the new VEO 3T+ Travel Tripod that combines the versatility of the VEO 3+ in a neat, travel-friendly package, and introduces a new Dual Axis ball head.

Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC):

VEO 3T+ Multi-angle central column - MACC

The Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC) on the new VEO 3T+ tripods allows the central column to be moved almost 360° in any direction in seconds. Combined with the innovative push button leg lock and three easy set leg angles (23°, 50° and 80°) allows this tripod to transition from a macro setting down low, to a landscape setting up to 156cm tall in around 30 seconds.  The locking system is simple and intuitive and, thanks to the precision of the CNC production, delivers a solid and stable base that is second to none.

Converts to a Multi-Mount:

VEO 3T+ MACC converts to a multi-mount

To enhance the versatility of the Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC), Vanguard have designed it to double up as a Multi-Mount using the VEO+ MA1 (provided).  This allows you to attach additional kit to make the most of your photoshoot, such as a microphone or lighting unit.

The central column also includes a scale that, combined with the other degree markings on the tripod, allows you to replicate shots over time.

In addition, there is a 3/8” thread hole on the canopy to attach additional accessories to make the most of your photoshoot, using a support arm (not provided).

Converts to a Monopod:

VEO 3T+ includes a leg that converts to a monopod

For those times when you don’t need the full tripod, simply remove the marked tripod leg and central column, and screw the two together for a monopod that extends up to 1.6m.

Available with a choice of Innovative Heads:

VEO 3T+ includes a range of innovative heads

The VEO 3T+ comes with a choice of Arca compatible heads to suit the photographer’s needs. 

The product will introduce a pair of innovative Dual Axis Ball Arca compatible ball heads – VEO BH-110S and VEO BH-160S. These Dual Axis heads include an additional pan function on the quick release plate mount, as well as the base of the head, allowing for the most precise positioning. With a maximum load capacity of up to 15kg, these heads combine power and precision.  

A 3-way Pan-Head version and Tripod Only version will be available later in the year.

Three Easy Set Leg Angles:

VEO 3T+ includes 3 easy set leg angles

Simply press the button and you can choose one of three easy set leg angles (20°, 50° and 80°) that allow you to deliver the most stable base possible for your shot.

Solid, Fast Set & Easy Clean Leg Locks:

VEO 3T+ includes fast set, easy clean leg locks

VEO 3T+ Tripods come with ergonomic half-turn twist locks to unlock/lock the legs in seconds, allowing the tripod to be deployed/stowed rapidly and silently. We’ve also designed the twist leg locks for easy cleaning and reassembly, letting you remove sand and other debris to prolong the life of your tripod.

A choice of Rubber or Spiked Feet:

VEO 3T+ includes a choice of rubber feet or spiked feet

Removable spiked feet (with an M6 thread) can be attached for maximum stability outdoors, or replaced with rubber feet when the tripod is needed on more solid bases.

Carry safely in a Luxury Padded Shoulder Bag:

VEO 3T+ comes complete with a luxury tripod bag

In keeping with the quality of the VEO 3T+ tripods that is delivered by Vanguard’s Computer Numerical Control (CNC) design, the VEO 3T+ comes with a stylish, luxury padded shoulder bag that protects your tripod as you travel.

Folds down to just 46cm to fit into hand luggage if needed:

VEO 3T+ folds down to under 50cm

Despite the incredible versatility of the VEO 3T+, each model folds down to as little as 46cm to fit into your hand luggage. Now there’s no need to compromise on the photographs you want to take on your next trip. Just pack up your VEO 3T+ and explore your world. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

Key Specifications:

See the VEO 3T+ product specification

Comparing the VEO 3T+ to the VEO 3+:

Both models share many similarities in appearance, features and build quality, but the key differences include:

Differences between the VEO 3+ and VEO 3T+

Despite the innovation, versatility and quality in the new VEO 3T+ Tripod, Vanguard strives to deliver outstanding value for money and this is no exception.

We recommend you visit your local dealer to check it out and #MakeUpYourOwnMind. 


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