VEO 2S AM-234TR 23mm Aluminium Monopod with Smartphone Kit

VEO 2S AM-234TR 23mm Aluminium Monopod with Smartphone Kit


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The Vanguard VEO 2S AM-234TR Monopod with Tri-Feet and Smartphone Connector Kit is a lightweight, compact, 23mm aluminium monopod with foldable feet. Great for shooting photo or video where a tripod isn't practical, but you need better stability than a traditional monopod.

  • Compact 4-section 23mm alumInium monopod with 1/4" thread
  • Weighs 805g with maximum load capacity of 10kg
  • Folds down to 52cm and extends to 155cm
  • Foldable tri-feet allow for enhanced stability with minimal footprint
  • Advanced twist-leg locks to set up the monopod in seconds
  • Rapid set and easy to clean twist locks
  • Smartphone kit includes VEO PA-10 holder with VEO BT-11 Bluetooth remote

Available in aluminium/carbon fibre, or with alternative heads. Click here to see the full range and #MakeUpYour Own Mind

Please note, the Bluetooth remote control contains a CR2032 battery, so please ensure it is always kept out of reach of children.


The Vanguard VEO 2S AM-234TR is a lightweight, compact, portable, aluminium monopod with foldable tri-feet for added stability.

Whether you're looking to lighten your load, or need additional stability in a location where a tripod won't work, this monopod could be the ideal solution for shooting photo or video. With the potability of a monopod and the added tri-feet, you have increased stability and functionality over a monopod, while maintaining a tiny footprint.

The 23mm aluminium monopod leg weighs just 805g and can take a maximum load capacity of 10kg, more than enough to cope with all but the largest DSLR or Mirrorless kits.

Mount your camera directly on to the monopod 1/4" thread (or using a 3/8" adaptor), or if desired add a small ball head or compact video pan head.

The ½” turn lock/unlock twist leg locks allow set-up in seconds and rapid height adjustments, allowing you to shoot at the level you need for the shot, from 52cm to 155cm.

The tri-feet are permanently fixed, but flip up for transporting the monopod, but can be deployed fast with just a finger. The base also includes a ball joint which can be tightened for maximum stability, or loosened to allow more dynamic movement, for example, tracking a moving subject. In addition, the tri-feet allows you to pan using the monopod itself

The VEO 2S also includes a universal Smart Phone Connector and Bluetooth remote control for IOS and Android smartphones, which comes in handy when shooting long videos on your phone, or looking for that extra stability for that perfect shot. In addition, it allows the VEO 2S monopod to be used for internet calls, vlogging or for watching online content such as movies or YouTube.

The added carabiner and wrist strap make moving from location to location fast and effective, and all in all this is an excellent monopod to use anywhere and everywhere, including locations where a tripod is not allowed or isn't practical!

Your VEO 2S monopod can travel anywhere. Shooting at the beach, in dirty conditions while taking landscape images or seizing unexpected moments of wildlife. Clean-up is a snap! The new open to click twist leg locks allow for easy fresh water rinsing after working in most demanding environments.


For full cleaning instructions, view our blog (they are the same style of leg locks as the VEO 3 series of tripods).

See a full demo video here:

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Please note that monopods with tri-feet are not designed to be left unattended with a camera attached as the the smaller footprint means that they are easier to knock over.

Tripod Style Monopod with Tri-Feet Monopod with Tri-Feet
Feet Type Tri-Feet Tri-Feet
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Weight 1.8lbs 805g
Folded Length 21 1/2 inches 520mm
Maximum Height 61 inches 1550mm
Minimum Height 21 1/2 inches 520mm
Maximum Load Capacity 22.0lbs 10kg
Leg Diameter 0.9 inch 23mm
Leg Sections 4 4
Leg Lock 1/2 Turn Twist 1/2 Turn Twist
Head Attachment Thread 1/4 inch 1/4 inch
Tripod Head None None
Monopod Bag Included No (can use Alta Action 60) No (can use Alta Action 60)
Accessories Smart Phone Connector Smart Phone Connector
Suitable For Mirrorless Yes Yes
Suitable For DSLR Yes Yes
Suitable For Pro Kit No No
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Extended Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Series VEO 2S VEO 2S
Colour Anthracite Anthracite
Other Ball-joint at base of monopod allows for different levels of stability, and to use the monopod to pan Ball-joint at base of monopod allows for different levels of stability, and to use the monopod to pan