Courtney Esson

Courtney Esson

October 14, 2022 , Vanguard World

In 2009, I stepped into a darkroom for the first time as part of my Fine Arts degree at Aberystwyth University. I felt lost, clutching a roll of film in my hand that I had hastily captured at the instruction of my lecturer, having no prior knowledge of how to take a good image. By the time I was hanging up my first ever print, I was captivated by the process of film photography.

It was not until later, in 2016, when I moved abroad to work as a teacher in South Korea, that my passion for landscape photography emerged. While travelling across the country, seeking out locations filled with history and culture, I realised not only was the journey behind the lens just as exciting but that this was something I desired to dedicate myself to.

Now based in the Cotswolds, I document the photographic process on my Youtube channel, sharing my experiences in scouting new places and the trials and errors of photography, while getting to know the beautiful landscapes of the UK.