Vanguard's Photography News 2021 Awards Shortlist

Vanguard's Photography News 2021 Awards Shortlist

October 25, 2021 , Vanguard World

We're delighted to announce that we're shortlisted for five awards in the Photography News 2021 Awards.  Winners in each category will be selected by public vote, so why not visit the Photography News website and vote for your favourites? 

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For more information on the shortlisted products, see below:

VEO 3+ 263AT

Image by Vanguard Pro Jamie MacDonald

The VEO 3+ 263AT is an incredibly versatile, full sized aluminium tripod with a multi angle central column that will move almost 360° in any direction and can be converted into a multi-mount using the adaptor provided. Extending to 163cm and capable of holding up to 15kg (though we have had it supporting over 80kgs), this tripod forms the basis of our VEO 3+ aluminium kits. As well as the innovative and intuitive central column, it includes:

  • a choice of 1/4" and 3/8" thread so it will fit any head
  • a leg that converts to a monopod
  • easy set, and easy clean twist locks
  • 3 easy set leg angles
  • rubber feet that can be replaced with spiked feet (provided)
  • a luxury padded bag

So whatever your style of photography, the VEO 3+ delivers, and you can see the full VEO 3+ collection here.


Image by Vanguard Pro Mark Duffy

The VEO 3T+ 264CB takes all the features of the full sized VEO 3+, and concentrates them down into a more portable package.  Where the VEO 3+ folds down to between 76-78cm (with head), the VEO 3T+ folds down to 46-48cm, hence the "T" for "Travel".  Despite the increased portability, it retains all the stability and versatility of it's bigger brother.  You can see the full VEO 3T+ collection here

VEO Range t48

Image by Vanguard Pro Jamie MacDonald

The VEO Range T48 is designed to carry large camera kits over longer treks in comfort, while offering the maximum flexibility: 

  • Pro Photographers can set it up to hold a pro-DSLR and up to 9 lenses, with lenses up to 400mm f/2.8, and a 16” MacBook Pro.
  • Travel Photographers can set it up to hold a travel tripod up to 45cm long inside the backpack, along with numerous lenses inside and disguise the fact that you’re carrying a valuable camera kit on your travels.
  • Birdwatchers can set it up to hold a spotting scope inside with space that can be compartmentalised for other kit.
  • Hiking/Everyday Backpackers can simply remove the interior and use it as an everyday backpack

Available in a choice of three colours and three sizes, you can see the full VEO Range T collection here

VEO Range 38

The VEO Range 38 is designed for larger kits and includes an innovative and secure double decker design. It can fit a DSLR with lens attached, 2-3 additional lenses in the top compartment, along with a 15” laptop, and another 2-3 lenses in the lower compartment, with a tripod or two using the external straps. 

Alternatively the lower compartment can be used to carry a travel tripod up to 41cm long, such as the VEO 3GO Travel Tripods. Combined with the everyday design and choice of two (non-black) colours, disguises the fact that you're carrying a valuable camera kit as you explore.

If the VEO Range 38 is too big, there are a choice of two other sizes, and you can see all the VEO Range shoulder bags here.  

VEO Select 59T

While the pandemic has hit all our travel plans over the last two years, we're starting to see a glimmer of freedom on the horizon, with the opportunity to resurrect those dormant plans and the VEO Select 59T roller/backpack is the perfect partner.

Despite being hand luggage compatible (though we always recommend you check), this roller case will fit 2-3 pro DSLR/mirrorless cameras with grip(s), 8-10 lenses (up to 400mm f/2.8), a flash unit, a 17" laptop with a 9.7” tablet, a tripod and multiple accessories such as memory cards, cables, batteries and a charger. Everything you need for the most involved of photography trips.

With two wheels and a solid double bar handle, this roller bag is ideal in airports or on the streets, but when you come to more rugged terrain, simply unzip the shoulder straps and carry it on your back.

Available in a choice of three styles and two colours, all the VEO Select roller bags are hand luggage compatible and you can see the full collection here.

So why not vote for your favourite products in the Photography News 2021 Awards and in doing so, hopefully you'll...

Vote for your favourite products in the Photography News 2021 Awards here


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