Is this the ultimate birdwatching tripod series?

Is this the ultimate birdwatching tripod series?

September 11, 2022 , Vanguard World

Using a spotting scope gives you the opportunity to zoom right into the detail, allowing you to see the twinkle of an eye or the shading of an individual feather, but stability is critical.  You can have the best spotting scope in the world but compromising on the tripod it sits on can spoil your experience, whether trying to acquire and follow your subject, or the tiniest movements causing blurring when magnified at maximum zoom.

The VEO 3 Birdwatcher Series is designed to deliver the ultimate birdwatching experience.


The VEO PH-28 2-way pan head is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium to deliver an incredibly smooth movement and solid lock on spotting scopes up to 8kg, while delivering a quality that is second to none.

The Arca compatible top plate allows a growing range of spotting scope feet to be slotted straight in without a quick release plate for maximum stability. If your spotting scope needs a quick release plate, the head includes an XL sized plate for any spotting scope, with a sprung pin that ensures your spotting scope always faces the right direction and minimises the risk that the connection loosens in use.

To control all the movement, there is a single telescopic handle with a comfortable textured grip that makes it easy to use, even in wet conditions or wearing gloves. Simply loosen the handle and you have free vertical and horizontal movement. Tighten the handle and all movement is locked.  Or simply loosen/tighten to adjust the friction for the optimal experience.  All this with just one hand, leaving the other hand free to keep the focus sharp, or optimising the zoom. 


The head sits on the solid chassis of a 26mm VEO 3 tripod.  This is a traditional full-sized tripod that is also CNC machined for maximum quality with a maximum load capacity of 20kg, and comes in a choice of aluminium or carbon fibre.

In the field, the twist locks and the three easy set leg angles (20°, 50° and 80°) can be deployed silently to ensure you don’t startle your subject with an unexpected click as you get into position. The tripod also includes a choice of rubber or spiked metal feet so it can be used on any surface, and a retractable hook at the base of the central column to add weight and maximise the stability.  The easy clean leg locks make it simple to maintain the tripod, even after use in the most challenging of conditions and to ensure that it remains a long term companion to your hobby.


There are two sizes, both available in aluminium and carbon fibre – 3-section (263 models) and 4-section (264 models).

The 3-section models allow the tripods to stand tall, with a maximum height of 176cm with the central column extended. For maximum stability, it’s better to leave the central column down and these tripods will extend to 143cm in this mode, making it ideal for the majority of birdwatchers using an angled spotting scope.  This height does mean that the tripod will only fold down to 71cm, which may be a little tall for some to carry.

The 4-section models include an extra twist lock that allows the tripod to fold down to a more manageable 58cm.  This does reduce the maximum height to 155cm (with central column extended) and 123cm (with the central column down).

As a result, it allows the birdwatcher to choose what is more important – height or portability.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate birdwatching tripod for your spotting scope, then check out the VEO 3 Birdwatcher Series and #makeupyourownmind



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