Protecting your kit from the rain in the Costa Rican Rainforest

Protecting your kit from the rain in the Costa Rican Rainforest

April 30, 2020 , Vanguard World

At the end of 2019 award winning Vanguard Ambassador Caron Steele was lucky enough to jet off to Costa Rica to photograph some of the wonderful wildlife in the rain and cloud forests. As she says, "the rain forest is aptly named! We had up to a metre of rain some days".

Unsurprisingly she needed good protective gear for her cameras. In Caron's words:

"Essentially I relied on 2 things, all of which were great:

1. My Vanguard SUPREME 53D hardcase. It kept everything dry and secure in very humid conditions. I added a few silica gel sachets to absorb humidity from the surrounding air so preventing corrosion and helping with fogging up issues and it worked a dream. Too heavy to lug around all day but fantastic for keeping all my kit secure and dry when not needed and when in transit.

2. My Vanguard ALTA RCXL RAIN COVER (X-LARGE) which I used on my canon 500mm lens. It worked a treat and was so quick and easy to put on. I shall be getting another for my smaller lens. I usually hate rain covers as they are such a faff and always seem to get in the way. This one is by far the best i've used and you do need one in the Costa Rican rain forest!"

To read Caron's full blog with more information on the rest of her kit and some stunning wildlife photos, just click here

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Caron studied Zoology at Oxford University and then went on to a career in banking and advertising, before moving to Worcestershire where she runs a farm with her husband and is constantly hectic - running offices, a wedding venue and conference centre. Her son has also suffered very badly with depression, and as a mother that has been extremely hard to cope with. 

To take time out to focus on something completely different, she took up photography as a hobby 5 years ago and has found it a great way to improve her everyday performance and well-being.   

With her degree in zoology and a passion for conservation, Caron chose to specialise in wildlife photography and has travelled the world following this hobby, including The Arctic, Antarctica, Alaska, Africa, Japan, America, The Galapagos and Iceland. Along the way, she's racked up an impressive lists of awards that include:

    Caron has also recognised that her experience can be used to help young people who are already dealing with incredibly stressful 24 hour lives. She has developed a talk on photography, conservation and mindfulness that she is hoping to deliver to schools around the country. The aim is to encourage a similar passion for the next generation and give them a space to breathe. If schools want Caron to come and talk about her photography adventures around the world, she’d be delighted. Simply contact her through her website


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