Photography in and from the Garden during lockdown

Photography in and from the Garden during lockdown

May 22, 2020 , Vanguard World

by Kase UK

Here at Kase UK HQ, we are all avid photographers, and we miss the ability to travel out and about to capture photo’s, but the Covid-19 pandemic means that virtually the whole world is in lockdown. However, that doesn't mean that you still can't go and capture some great images Two of our team have been doing just that and using their filters to enhance the results…

Macro Photography

Kase UK Sales Director Andi Campbell has started a little project capturing things from his garden, using a macro lens, and just as importantly his Kase Magnetic Circular System with CPL filters.

Andi says “I am a fan of high contrast mono images and thought that I would have a go at some myself. I have been searching for what I think will make interesting images in the garden. This can be a feather, flowers, or snail shell for example. I have a nice white background to shoot them against, and some natural bright light in a conservatory, and I use my Vanguard VEO 2 tripod to compose the shots. However, I was getting quite a lot of glare and reflection on certain subjects, and that is where using the Circular Polariser really helps. It removes unwanted reflections and glare so I can create the images I want to.”

Andi loves the Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular System, this is what he always keeps in his Vanguard Sedona Wanderlust bag. It is a lightweight system that consists of various filter types.

Astro Photography

Kase UK Technical Director Stephen Elliott has been trying some astro images from his garden. He has been taking advantage of his Kase Neutral Night Filter to help control the light pollution.

Stephen says “ I have always been fascinated by astro photography, and normally you will find me searching for dark skies to capture this type of shot, however with my Kase Neutral Night Filter I thought I would get creative from my garden, and see if I could control the normal light pollution you get in built up residential areas. I also have a star-tracker that allows me to do some deep space photography. The two images you see above both were helped amazingly by reducing the amount of ambient orange light emitted by sodium style street and residential lights with the Neutral Night filter. The first image is a 3  hour star trail image, which you capture by shooting towards the north star. The second, is a tracked image shot at 200mm equivalent focal length of the Orion Nebula area of the night sky.”

You don’t just have to take Stephen's word on this, even though he always has the Kase 100mm Neutral Night filter as part of his kit in his Vanguard Alta Sky 45D bag. Well known astro photographer Alyn Wallace is also a big fan of this filter too. The Kase Wolverine Neutral Night Filters are available both as square filters and now also as part of the Magnetic Circular System also, to find out more click here


To find out more about Kase Filters in the UK then please check out our website. We are proud to work closely with Vanguard UK and proud to share a lot of talented associated photographers across our two excellent brands.



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