The New VEO Tripod Support EcoSystem

The New VEO Tripod Support EcoSystem

November 03, 2021 , Vanguard World

As the accessories needed to maximise a photoshoot become ever smaller, photographers no longer need to lug around multiple tripods. With the right accessories, a single tripod can also act as a lighting stand, a microphone boom, a monitor stand, or much more. To support this trend, Vanguard are delighted to introduce the first products in our VEO Tripod Support EcoSystem.

As more tripods introduce the side mount thread onto the tripod canopy, or even on selected quick release plates such as the QS-72T that comes with the VEO 3T Travel Tripod, there is the option to add accessories to a tripod. To support this, Vanguard introduce VEO TSA Tripod Support Arms.


VEO TSA DLX models incorporate a choice of 1/4” or 3/8” threads, a flat or bayonet plate, ball joints at each end for maximum precision and a serrated steel joint for a solid hold. RRP from £79.99.


VEO TSA models are a simpler, lighter solutions with a 1/4” thread with a 1/4” to 3/8” adaptor. RRP from £39.99

To add accessories to your camera flash hot shoe, Vanguard introduce a range of VEO Cold Shoe Mounts.  All the models also include a hole for a 1/4” thread on the base and so can be used with the VEO TSA Tripod Support Arms.

VEO CSM Cold Shoe Mounts

At a basic Level, the VEO CSM Cold Shoe Mount is an aluminium cold shoe mount that simply attaches your accessory. RRP £9.99.

For a more versatile solution, the VEO CSM DLX Cold Shoe Mount allows you to adjust the vertical angle +90° to -90°.  It also includes a magnetic quick release system that allows you to fit your accessory in seconds, or attach it to any suitable metallic surface.  RRP £39.99.

VEO CSMM Cold Shoe Multi-Mounts

To attach multiple accessories, Vanguard introduces two cold shoe multi-mounts.

The VEO CSMM2 Cold Shoe Multi-Mount allows up to two cold shoe mounted accessories to be fitted, on a bar that allows them to be up to 208mm apart. RRP £69.99.

The VEO CSMM3 Cold Shoe Mult-Mount allows up to three cold shoe mounted accessories to be fitted, and the two outer mounts allow you to adjust the horizontal angle +90° to -90°. While it does not have a cold shoe mount base, it has a 1/4” thread and so can be attached to either VEO CSM. RRP £49.99. 

For those who want to enlarge their shots before dismantling their setup, Vanguard introduces the heavy duty VEO TC M that will allow them to add any tablet up to 220mm wide (connections to camera not provided).

VEO TC Tablet Connector

The VEO TC M Tablet Connector can attach to a 1/4” thread from a support arm (or any tripod head using the quick release plate), or directly to any Arca compatible tripod head.  To add additional accessories there is a cold shoe mount on the top, and slots for two 1/4” tripod support arms.  RRP £49.99.

So if you’re looking for a range of precision engineered and versatile accessories to enhance your shot, check out the VEO Tripod Support EcoSystem and #makeupyourownmind


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