VEO CSMM2 Expandable Double Cold Shoe Mount

VEO CSMM2 Expandable Double Cold Shoe Mount


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The VEO CSMM2 Expandable Double Cold Shoe Mount allows you to attach two accessories with a cold shoe mount base to the hot shoe mount on your camera.

  • Fits any camera hot shoe mount (or suitable accessory using the 1/4" thread hole on the base)
  • Attach two accessories with a cold shoe mount base, such as VEO CSM or VEO CSM DLX, onto the top plate
  • Expands from 120mm to 208mm wide (and is 55mm tall)
  • Bottom rotating wheel ensures a tight grip with the hot shoe mount
  • CNC machined from solid aluminium

This product received a 5-star review by Camera Jabber, and you can see more reviews at the bottom of the long description. Can be used alone, or as part of a wider range of accessories to #unleashyourcreativity that you can see here and #makeupyourownmind.

£49.99 £69.99

The VEO CSMM2  is allows you to mount two accessories with a cold shoe mount base to a camera hot shoe mount, and adjust the width up to 208mm wide.

If your accessory base needs a 1/4" thread, you can use the VEO CSM or VEO CSM DLX to attach it. 

To attach to your camera, simply slot into the hot shoe mount and tighten the lower disc, tightening with the allen key provided for the most solid grip possible.

To attach the it to your accessory, simply slot the accessory into the chosen cold shoe mount and tighten the locking knob on the VEO CSMM2.

You can then adjust the width of the cold shoe mount bar in or out by up to 13.5cm for optimal position or balance. Simply lift the flip lock to release the plate, adjust to your chosen position, and flip the lock back down to secure it.  At the end of each bar is a small protruding button that stops the cold show mounts falling off the end.

On the front of each cold shoe mount is a 1/4" thread, allowing you to attach any suitable support arm, such as the Vanguard Tripod Support Arms, to add further accessories. 

On the base there is also a 1/4" thread, allowing it to be attached to any suitable support arm instead of your camera hot shoe mount

At 120mm x 55mm, this lightweight and versatile double cold shoe mount is more that just a solution for attaching accessories.  If you want to consider alternative solutions, then check out the collection of VEO Cold Shoe Mounts and #makeupyourownmind

The video below shows how the accessories can link together to turn your tripod into a studio, in this case using the VEO 3T 265HCBP as a base:


So why not choose your accessories and unleash your creativity?

Product Reviews:


Style Cold Shoe Mount Cold Shoe Mount
Accessory Attachment Points 4 4
Accessory 1/4" Thread Attachment Points 2 2
Accessory Cold Shoe Mount Attachment Points 2 2
Adjustable Yes Yes
How Adjustable Extends up to 8 1/5" wide Extends up to 208mm wide
Base Attachment Cold Shoe Mount or 1/4" Thread Cold Shoe Mount or 1/4" Thread
Width 4 3/4" 120mm
Height 2 1/5" 55mm
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Extended Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Series VEO Accessories VEO Accessories
Colour Black Black