Meet the ALTA PRO 3VRL with a removable levelling system

Meet the ALTA PRO 3VRL with a removable levelling system

February 16, 2024 , Vanguard World

Vanguard has been designing and manufacturing award winning support systems since 1986, and has used that experience to launch our tallest and most stable tripod ever, with a levelling quick release system for tripod heads, the Alta Pro 3VRL Video Tripod Series.

Alta Pro 3VRL Series is great for video or photography.

The base is a 3-section tripod with 30mm diameter legs that are designed to deliver an incredibly stable platform that is second to none, extending up to 1.8 metres without using a central column, and delivering a maximum load capacity of up to 25kg.

At the top of the tripod, the central column is replaced by a levelling system with a 75mm base that has been CNC machined from a solid block of aluminium to deliver maximum quality and the smoothest of movements.  This levelling system has a handle below that allows you to rotate 360° or adjust the vertical tilt ±15°, making it fast and easy to level your camera on any terrain. When locked in place, the tripod itself delivers a solid base with a maximum load capacity of 25kg.

This Alta Pro 3VRL LVL 30 levelling system is also removable, allowing you to lift it out of the tripod and replace it with the lightweight Alta Pro 3VRL Platform 30 that comes free in the pack.  This gives you the option of having two setups (such as a video setup on the levelling system and a landscape setup on the lightweight platform) and swap between them in seconds without having to change the heads. In essence a quick release system for tripod heads.

The lightweight levelling platform is also 330g lighter so it reduces the weight you may need to carry over an extended period, with the Alta Pro 3VRL 303CT carbon fibre tripod weighing just 2085g with the levelling system fitted, or 1755g with the lightweight platform fitted.

The Alta Pro 3VRL series comes with a lightweight plaform for a dual axis ball head

Whilst you can fit any tripod head to the lightweight platform (or levelling system), if the main use is landscape photography on uneven terrain, or where the weight of the tripod can be a key consideration, then Vanguard would always recommend a dual axis ball head, such as the VEO BH-250S. A traditional ball head only has the panning axis in the base of the head, so you either have to take time to level the tripod legs, or check the level every time you reframe the shot.  Using a dual axis ball head, you level the top plate using the ball lock in seconds, and then use the top axis to pan or reframe your shot.

If you wish to have a second setup that requires the tripod to be level, for example a gimbal setup, alongside your video setup then you can purchase an additional Alta Pro 3VRL LVL 30.

Needing just a half turn, the twist leg locks are designed to be fast and silent in operation. When needed, the they can be removed, cleaned and reassembled to maximise the life of the tripod, no matter where they are used. The legs also include a choice of retractable rubber or spiked feet for use on any surface.

The Alta Pro 3VRL Series includes easy clean leg locks to maximise the life of the tripod

The Alta Pro 3VRL is available as a tripod only, or as a video kit. Fixed to the top of the levelling system on the video kits is a VEO PV-18 Video Head.  This Arca compatible video head has been CNC machined to deliver a smooth movement with a maximum load capacity of up to 15kg.  With pan lock, tilt lock, tilt damping and extra long telescopic handles this head gives you complete control.

The VEO PV-18 Video Head is also ideal for long, heavy lenses or spotting scopes.

The Alta Pro 3VRL Series is great for spotting scopes, long lenses, gimbals, etc

The Alta Pro 3VRL Video Tripod Series is deliberately designed for height and stability over portability, but when you need to carry it there is a luxury padded tripod bag with handles and a shoulder strap, allowing you to travel in comfort.

This demo video gives a more hands on feel for the tripod and how it works:

Click here for a PDF that shows a detailed comparison between the tripods available.

So if you’re looking for Vanguard’s most stable tripod to date, check out the Alta Pro 3VRL Video Tripod Series and #makeupyourownmind.


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