What some of our Ambassador's thought about Luminar AI

What some of our Ambassador's thought about Luminar AI

August 19, 2021 , Vanguard World

Skylum kindly shared some copies of Luminar AI with our Vanguard Ambassadors, and here are some examples of their work, with their thoughts on the software:

Reza Malayeri [USA]:

“Luminar AI has an intuitive and clean interface, with easy to use menus and groupings.  The AI features are easy to use, and offer additional parameters to refine and fine-tune settings”

Reza Malayeri - Before Luminar AI

Reza Malayeri - After Luminar AI

“There are a multitude of tutorials offered on the Skylum website for all skill levels and genres of photography”

“Offers plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for round-tripping of edits between Luminar AI and Adobe applications”

“Sky AI offers amazing one-button auto-masking, with intelligent water and sky reflection and the ability to further refine Sky AI masks with defocusing, horizon shifting, saturation, and other tools, allows photographers to create compelling composite images that would normally take considerably longer to create.”

“AI tools for portraiture allow for easy enhancement of portrait images, including skin retouching, color toning presets, and soon to be released bokeh enhancement AI.”

Reza is a professional photographer, cinematographer, and educator based in Seattle, USA. To find out more about Reza - click here

Scott Read [UK]:

“Having already been a Luminar 4 user for a while now, and really enjoying what it offers in terms of tools for editing, I was a little skeptical as to how much better Luminar AI could be…I was wrong!!”

Scott Read - Before  Luminar AI

Scott Read - After Luminar AI

“I found that the ease of use had improved from Luminar 4, everything feeling a lot more intuitive / natural, and everything seemed to be exactly where it should be in terms of control, which is how it should be! Luminar 4 was easy to pick up and use, this takes it to the next level.”

“Skylum have obviously been doing plenty of work under the hood of this software, when editing images there is just a higher level of accuracy while it is processing some of the unique elements to this package, like the sky replacement and how a scene is relit, must say this really impressed me.”

Scott is a Photographer, Life Adventurer and Creative Soul who has the pleasure to call County Durham his home. To find out more about Scott - click here

David Maimó [Spain]:

“Luminar AI brings new functions and a renewed interface design compared to Luminar 4, which offers me all the options in the same panel. This version is faster and easier to use."

David Maimó - Before Luminar AI

David Maimó - After Luminar AI - Image 1

David Maimó - After Luminar AI - Image 2

“Among its new features, it allows me to configure templates with the settings I like, and in just one click I can apply them to my photos.”

“Another improved function is the change of sky. With just a single click I can obtain spectacular results in photographs which otherwise have flat skies, and automatically include reflections in any water.”

David is a photographer based in Mallorca, specialising in landscape and nightscape photography. In addition to being a Vanguard Pro, he is also an ambassador for Luminar.  To find out more about David – click here

Jamie MacDonald [USA]:

“Within seconds of opening an image in Luminar AI you can take a photo from snapshot to wall art.”

Jamie MacDonald - Before & After Luminar AI

Jamie MacDonald - Before Luminar AI

Jamie MacDonald - After Luminar AI

More from Jamie:

  • "Luminar AI makes it possible for those new to photography to create stunning photos with just a few simple slider adjustments."
  • "For more experienced photographers, it lets you add those finishing touches even faster."
  • "Luminar AI gives everyone the ability to create art from their photos on a level that once took years to learn how to do."

Jamie is a nature and wildlife photographer living in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. A member of the Olympus Visionary Program since 2012, and the founder of the popular podcast Mirrorless Minutes. To find out more about Jamie - click here

Lovepreet Romana [Canada]:

It is really easy to use. It is perfect for anyone from beginner to advanced level.

Lovepreet Romana - Before & After Luminar AI

Lovepreet is a landscape photographer based in Vancouver, Canada who fell in love with photography when he was in high school. To find out more about Lovepreet - click here





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