Scott Read

Scott Read

February 05, 2021 , Vanguard World

Scott Read, a Photographer, Life Adventurer and Creative Soul.

When not travelling, he can usually be found in his South Wales base, capturing the vast surrounding landscapes, sprawling city-scapes and the vast array of people who inhabit these spaces in our world. Fuelled with a strong work ethic and a thirst to learn, I continue to strive and improve his craft by drawing on the knowledge gained by over 25 years in the print, media & design industry, adopting a broad creative perspective as he 'absorbs' life with its intricacies and applying it to his photography and creative pursuits.

"Photography is such an important part of my head is about discovery, life's living flow, seeing how a heart feels in a fleeting moment, it is to be on a street, in a landscape....about a time, experiencing, understanding, learning, freedom of being, of living, of thinking...."

Spending so much time outside, consideration for the environment is a given, so helping to raise awareness for certain causes that directly impact the natural landscapes around us is a passion of his, particularly the oceans that are suffering under the strain of our pollution. It is for these reasons that he is an Ambassador for 'Big Blue Ocean Cleanup' and a member of 'Nature First', which is a growing alliance for responsible photography, communicating best practices for protecting the environment we photograph in.

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