VESTA GO 234AP Aluminium Travel Tripod with 2-Way Pan Head - 23mm Legs

VESTA GO 234AP Aluminium Travel Tripod with 2-Way Pan Head - 23mm Legs


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The VESTA GO 234AP is a simple, lightweight and compact aluminium travel tripod kit that is designed for maximum portability and is great for capturing video with most mirrorless camera kits, or for almost all spotting scopes. 

  • Arca Swiss compatible 2-way pan head with control of the vertical tilt in the handle, and a separate pan-lock
  • Folds down to 445mm and weighs just 1465g for maximum portability, with maximum load capacity of 3kg
  • 4-section 23mm diameter legs with lever locks, extending to 1540mm (1225mm without central column)
  • 3-easy set leg angles (21°, 50° and 80°) and split central column allows you to get down low
  • Rubber feet

Explore your world with your VESTA GO travel tripod.

The VESTA GO 234AP is a no nonsense, lightweight and compact aluminium travel tripod kit that is designed for maximum portability, but is still delivers a stable base for most everyday camera kits and most spotting scopes.

This CNC machined travel tripod kit consists of an aluminium tripod and an Arca Swiss compatible 2-way pan-head. With a maximum load capacity of 3kg, this combination is perfect for creating videos with most mirrorless or smaller DSLR sized camera kits, and is great for smaller spotting scopes.

This 23mm travel kit weighs just 1465g and the 4-sections allow it to fold down to 44.5cm for maximum portability. For ease of carrying, these tripods have also been designed to be compact with a diameter of 12cm, making them easy to fit into your hand on the go.

Despite the portability, these tripods extend to 154cm, or 123cm without using the central column. There is also a spring hook attached to the base of the central column to allow you to attach extra weight for maximum stability.

For macro/low-angle shots, this travel tripod has three easy set leg angles (20°, 50° and 80°) and it includes a split central column that allows you to get down to just 21cm in seconds for low angle shots.

It also includes an Arca compatible VEO PH-24 2-way pan-head with a comfortable handle that allows you to lock and release the vertical tilt with ease, and a separate pan lock. This makes it a great solution for following movement with a spotting scope, or creating video with your camera. 

This tripod also includes a QS-55P quick release plate that includes a non-twist spring pin that ensures a solid fit to your spotting scope, while still being able to use a camera with ease.

Alternatively, if you have a spotting scope with an Arca compatible foot, you can slot it straight in to the clamp on the tripod head, removing the need for a quick release plate and ensuring the most solid fitting between the tripod and your spotting scope.

To turn this tripod into a 3-way head you just need an Arca compatible 4-sided quick release plate like the QS-74 (not included). Simply put the vertical tilt at 90° and attach your camera "sideways" and you can take portrait shots.

This head has a compact 42mm base and is attached to the tripod with a reversible 1/4" to 3/8" thread, secured with grub screws to ensure that it doesn't come loose in use.

They also include a smartphone adaptor that can be attached to your quick release place to make the most of your smartphonography. If this is a style you want to build on then we'd recommend adding the VEO BT-11 Bluetooth remote control for IOS and Android smartphones.

On the tripod canopy are two 3/8" thread holes with non-twist bayonet slots and a 1/4" thread adaptor.  These allow you to attach up to two simple magic arms (such as the VEO TSA Tripod Support Arm), or up to two premium magic arms (such as the VEO TSA DLX Tripod Support Arm) and unleash your creativity.

The VESTA Go series also includes a choice of leg locks.  The aluminium models include simple lever locks, while the carbon models include easy clean twist locks. Both options allow you to set up/take down your tripod fast, but if you plan to use your tripod by the sea or in muddier, then we'd recommend the easy clean twist locks to help maximise the life of your tripod with proper maintenance. 

The feet of the tripod are rubber for a solid grip, without damaging any surface.

Explore your world with confidence, with the VESTA GO Travel Tripod Series.


    Tripod Style Travel Tripod Travel Tripod
    Multi-Angle Central Column No No
    Reversible Central Column No No
    Low Angle Adaptor Yes (built into split central column) Yes (built into split central column)
    Material Aluminium Aluminium
    Weight 3.2lbs 1465g
    Folded Length 17 1/2 inches 44.5cm
    Maximum Extended Height 60 3/5 inches 154cm
    Maximum Height Central Column Down 48 1/3 inches 122.5cm
    Minimum Height 8 3/5 inches 22cm
    Maximum Load Capacity 6.6lbs 3.0kg
    Leg Diameter 23mm 23mm
    Leg Sections 4 4
    Leg Lock Lever (or Flip) Lock Lever (or Flip) Lock
    Leg Angles 3 easy set (20°, 50° and 80°) 3 easy set (20°, 50° and 80°)
    Feet Type Rubber Only Rubber Only
    Hook For Hanging Extra Weight Yes Yes
    Monopod Leg No No
    Head Attachment Thread 1/4 inch 1/4 inch
    Head VEO PH-24 VEO PH-24
    Head Style 2-Way Pan Head 2-Way Pan Head
    Arca Swiss Compatible Yes Yes
    Quick Release Plate QS-55P QS-55P
    Separate Pan-Lock Yes Yes
    Panorama Swivel 360° 360°
    Separate Friction Control No No
    Spirit Bubble Level 1 1
    Vertical Tilt -60°~90° -60°~90°
    Tripod Bag Yes Yes
    Accessories Smartphone connector (remote control not included) Smartphone connector (remote control not included)
    Suitable For Spotting Scope Yes Yes
    Suitable For Mirrorless Yes Yes
    Suitable For Full Frame/DSLR Yes (small) Yes (small)
    Suitable For Pro DSLR No No
    Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
    Extended Warranty 4 Years 4 Years
    Series VESTA GO Travel Tripod - Pan Head VESTA GO Travel Tripod - Pan Head
    Colour Black Black
    Other Vertical tilt is locked/release by turning the handle Vertical tilt is locked/release by turning the handle