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The VEO CP-46 Smartphone Kit brings together a range of complementary CNC machined solid aluminium accessories to form a versatile kit for photographers or smartphonographers, including the VEO CP-46 Clamp, the VEO TSA DLX M Tripod Support Arm and the VEO SPH Smartphone Holder.

VEO CP-46 Clamp: Can attach to almost any object up to a 46mm diameter with a moulded rubber inner lining for maximum grip, and three threaded holes (two 1/4" and one 3/8") for attaching tripod support arms. Weighs 130g with a maximum load capacity 1.5kg

VEO TSA DLX M Tripod Support Arm: Folds to 113mm and extends to 180mm with a serrated steel elbow joint for solid grip and ball joints at either end for maximum control. Weighs 217g with a maximum load capacity 3kg

VEO SPH Smartphone Holder: Fits any smartphone (or power bank) up to 90mm wide and has a ball joint that rotates 360° for landscape or portrait shots, or level shots on uneven terrain, and swivels +/- 40°.

We'd also recommend a VEO BT-11 Bluetooth remote control to trigger your shot without needing to touch your phone.

Also available as the larger VEO CP-65 Kit with 65mm diameter clamp and a longer tripod support arm which was  awarded a Testbench Gold Award by Amateur Photographer, or as individual accessories. Click here to see the full range of accessories that can help #unleashyourcreativity and #makeupyourownmind

£129.99 £199.99

Rather than having to select individual items, the VEO CP-46 Kit brings together a range of complementary accessories to form a versatile kit for photographers or smartphonographers, including the VEO CP-46 Clamp, the VEO TSA DLX M Tripod Support Arm and the VEO SPH Smartphone Holder.

The VEO CP-46 Clamp lets you attach your camera, smartphone, or accessory to almost any object up to 46mm wide around you, wherever you are, to get that extra stability for that perfect shot, or position your accessory for the optimum result.

On the clamp body, there are three threaded holes, two 1/4" and one 3/8".  These allow you to attach up to three tripod support arms for a camera, Go Pro, smartphone, lighting or a microphone, each positioned independently. This makes it perfect for attaching the VEO TSA DLX M Tripod Support Arm.  This solid aluminium support arm is controlled through the single locking knob which is oversized for easy grip. Loosening the locking knob loosens the support arm serrated angle joint and the ball joints on either end, allowing you to position the arm with ease, and lock up with one hand.

Alternatively, if your tripod has a 1/4" or 3/8" thread, you can attach the tripod support arm directly to that, bypassing the need for the clamp.  We would recommend using with a tripod that has the non-slip bayonet fittings, like Vanguard's VEO tripods, but this tripod support arm can be used without these.

With a choice of 1/4" or 3/8" threads, the tripod support arm can be directly attached to the clamp at one end, and your camera or photography accessory such as a light or microphone at the other.  To allow you to attach your smartphone to create that perfect photograph, or some video footage, the kit includes the VEO SPH Smartphone Holder.  This can be used to attach any camera, or accessory such as a power bank, up to 90mm wide to the end of the support arm.  It also includes a ball joint that rotates 360° in seconds for landscape shots to portrait shots, and anywhere in between, and swivels +/- 40° for level shots on uneven terrain.  There is also a cold shoe mount on the top to attach additional accessories to make the most of your shot.

The base smartphone holder is Arca compatible and so can be used on any suitable head, and includes a choice of 1/4" and 3/8" threads, so it can be attached directly to any tripod or monocular. 

Buying this kit here includes a free VEO BT-11 Bluetooth remote control for IOS and Android phones.  This allows you to trigger your photo or video without needing to touch the screen, avoiding the risk of shake at that vital moment.

So whether you're a photographer or a smartphonographer wanting to set up your perfect shot, check out the VEO CP Smartphone Kit and #makeupyourownmind

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Style Accessories Kit Accessories Kit
More Details See the description for the individual components See the description for the individual components
Maximum Load Capacity 3.3lbs (excluding smartphone holder) 1.5kg (excluding smartphone holder)
Weight 1.2lbs 527g
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Extended Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Series VEO Accessories VEO Accessories
Colour Black Black