VEO 3GO 265HAP Tall Aluminium Travel Tripod with 2-way Pan-head

VEO 3GO 265HAP Tall Aluminium Travel Tripod with 2-way Pan-head


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The VEO 3GO 265HAP Aluminium Travel Tripod is an compact and lightweight travel tripod with an Arca Swiss compatible 2-way pan head, designed for taking your spotting scope to far flung locations, or to capture photos and video with your camera.

  • Folds down to just 41cm and weighs just 1560g for maximum portability
  • Extends to 162cm (122cm with central column down), with maximum load capacity of 6kg
  • Arca Swiss compatible 2-way head with long quick release plate
  • Tripod leg that converts to a 162cm monopod in seconds
  • Reversible centre column, or free Low Angle Adaptor, for low angle/macro photographs
  • Rapid set and easy to clean twist locks, with a choice of rubber and spiked feet

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VEO 3GO 265HAP Aluminium Travel Tripod is a compact and lightweight, 26mm, 5 section travel tripod kit with an Arca compatible compact 2-way pan head, designed for taking your spotting scope to far flung locations, or to capture photos and video with your camera.

For maximum portability, this travel tripod folds down to just 41cm/16 inches and weighs just 1.6kg/3.4lbs. This makes it simple to pack for any trip, wherever in the world you’re travelling

Don’t be fooled by the size though. Despite this portability, this feature packed travel tripod delivers a versatile solution for any nature lover or photographer.

This tripod extends to 162cm/64 inches (122cm/48 inches with the central column down) making it a great option for spotting scopes or photography.

The Arca compatible VEO PH-20 2-way pan head includes a fixed pan handle, so there is no fear of losing it on the go, or at home.  However, when packed, it folds between the legs of the tripod to make it easy to pack away.

If your spotting scope has an Arca compatible foot, then it can be placed straight between the clamps of the head for the most solid foot.  If not, then it can be attached to the long QS-71P quick release plate with a non-slip pin which will hold it secure.

If you want to use with a camera too, we'd recommend a separate quick release plate, like the 4-way Arca compatible QS-65 quick release plate (or QS-74 for larger DSLRs) that allows you to turn the head into a 3-way pan head.  Simply put the tripod head at 90° (where the camera would face straight down) and then attach the camera in the portrait position (facing left or right).

As well as traditional tripod shots, this travel tripod allows you to shoot low angles or simple macro shots  by either reversing the 2-section column, or removing the pan head and attach the head to the Low Angle Adapter (LAA) that is included. This ability is enhanced using the three easy set leg angles (21°, 50° and 80°) that also allow you to set up tripod for maximum stability on any terrain.

Where you don’t need a tripod, a leg can be removed in seconds and attached to the central column to create a monopod, vlogging stick or a selfie stick.

The rapid set twist locks allow the tripod to be deployed in seconds, minimising the risk that you miss a fleeting shot. In addition, these leg locks have been designed to be easy to dismantle, clean and reassemble, allowing you to setup the tripod at the beach or in dirty conditions with the confidence that you can clean them with ease when you get home.

The tripod also comes with a choice of rubber or spiked feet, allowing you to choose the best setup for the conditions.  Windy?  No problem.  Simply mount a camera bag or additional weight to the retractable hook located at the base of the centre column.

To top it off, VEO 3GO travel tripods take advantage of Vanguard’s investment in the latest Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology with significantly improved tolerances that delivers a higher quality end product.

Explore your world with confidence, with the VEO 3GO Travel Tripod!


    Tripod Style Travel Tripod Travel Tripod
    Multi-Angle Central Column No No
    Reversible Central Column Yes Yes
    Low Angle Adaptor Yes Yes
    Material Aluminium Aluminium
    Weight 3.4lbs 1.6kg
    Folded Length 16 inches 41cm
    Maximum Height Central Column Extended 64 inches 162.5cm
    Maximum Height Central Column Down 48 inches 122.5cm
    Minimum Height 8 inches (with Low Angle Adaptor) 21cm (with Low Angle Adaptor)
    Maximum Load capacity 13.2lbs 6kg
    Leg Diameter 1.0 inches 26mm
    Leg Sections 5 5
    Leg Lock Easy Clean Twist Lock Easy Clean Twist Lock
    Leg Angles Three - 21°, 50° & 80° Three - 21°, 50° & 80°
    Feet Type Rubber Feet & VEO SF Spiked Feet included Rubber Feet & VEO SF Spiked Feet included
    Hook For Hanging Extra Weight Yes (under central column) Yes (under central column)
    Monopod Leg Yes Yes
    Head Attachment Thread 1/4" and 3/8" 1/4" and 3/8"
    Tripod Head VEO PH-20 VEO PH-20
    Head Style 2-Way Pan Head 2-Way Pan Head
    Arca Swiss Compatible Yes Yes
    Quick Release Plate Long QS-71P with spring pin Long QS-71P with spring pin
    Separate Pan Lock Yes Yes
    Friction Control No No
    Spirit Bubble Levels 1 1
    Tripod Bag Yes Yes
    Accessories Low angle adaptor, tripod bag, spiked feet (M6 thread) and QS-71P quick release plate Low angle adaptor, tripod bag, spiked feet (M6 thread) and QS-71P quick release plate
    Suitable For Spotting Scope Yes Yes
    Suitable For Mirrorless Yes Yes
    Suitable For DSLR Yes Yes
    Suitable For Pro Kit No No
    Warranty 2 years 2 years
    Extended Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
    Series VEO 3GO Birdwatcher VEO 3GO Birdwatcher
    Colour Black Black
    Other Perfect travel tripod for spotting scopes Perfect travel tripod for spotting scopes
    VEO 3GO 235CB - ePhotozine Highly Recommended