VEO 3 263CO Birdwatcher - Full Sized Carbon Spotting Scope Tripod - Max Height 176cm

VEO 3 263CO Birdwatcher - Full Sized Carbon Spotting Scope Tripod - Max Height 176cm

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The VEO 3 263CO is a tall carbon fibre tripod that is designed for birdwatchers or nature lovers, delivering a solid base for their spotting scopes. This includes a VEO PH-28 Arca compatible 2-way pan head which has all the control in a single telescopic handle, allowing maximum control in following birdlife on the move, then locking down when stationary, always leaving one hand free to operate the zoom and focus for the best results.

  • Weighs 2.1kg with an 8kg load capacity
  • Extends to 176cm and folds to 71cm
  • Noise-free and easy clean twist lock leg adjustments
  • Tripod leg converts to a monopod in 3 easy steps
  • Rubber/spiked feet

Also available in aluminium, or in more portable 4-section versions that fold to 58cm. Click here to see all the models.

Perfect for digiscoping with the VEO PA-65 Universal Disgiscope Adaptor (not included). If you'd like to find out more about digiscoping, why not read our blog - "A guide to digiscoping



The VEO 3 263CO is a full sized carbon fibre tripod that is designed to deliver a stable base for even the most expensive spotting scope at maximum zoom. 

On top of the tripod is a VEO PH-28 2-way pan head with a single telescopic handle that controls the movement. When loosened, it allows you to follow a bird in flight with ease, and simply turning the handle allows you to lock it in place when the bird has landed. Alternatively you can alter the friction with the handle to increase the drag for maximum control. All this while keeping a hand free to adjust the focus or zoom of your spotting scope.

The quick release system is also Arca compatible, so it allows you to attach any spotting scope with an Arca compatible foot (including VEO spotting scopes and Endeavor spotting scopes) directly to the head without the need for a quick release plate, maximising the stability for observation. For those without an Arca compatible foot, it includes an extra large quick release plate with a spring locating pin for any spotting scope to be mounted to.

Perfect for even the tallest birdwatcher, this tripod folds to 71cm and extends to 176cm, or 143cm with the central column down.

The 3-section, 26mm diameter legs incorporate silent twist leg locks that won't startle any wildlife when you are setting up.  They are also designed to be easy to clean, allowing you to maximise the life of your tripod. For full cleaning instructions, view our blog

For added stability, there is a retractable hook to attach additional weight, and the rubber feet come off to allow the spiked feet provided to be attached.

For observing or photography from a low angle, the tripod comes with three easy-set leg angles  (20°, 50° and 80°) and a low angle adaptor.  Alternatively, simply reverse the central column and you're ready to go.

On the side of the central canopy spider are two 3/8" threads for tripod support arms, allowing you to attach the accessories of your choice.  These threads include bayonet slots on either side that ensure maximum stability on tripod support arms with that feature, such as the VEO TSA DLX which has a reversible plate for bayonet/non-bayonet fittings.

If you don't need the full tripod, then simply remove a leg, attach it to the central column and you have a monopod that extends to 183cm.

Manufactured with CNC technology using aircraft grade aluminium for load bearing parts ensures outstanding quality, and for maintenance, the easy clean twist locks can be fully unscrewed, allowing you to clean the leg locks after use for maximum longevity.

This combination of head and legs delivers the perfect base for observation or digiscoping (for example with a VEO PA-65 Universal Digiscope Adaptor). So if you're looking for a solid tripod for your spotting scope, check out the VEO 3 spotting scope tripods and #makeupyourownmind 

Tripod Style Traditional Full Sized Tripod Traditional Full Sized Tripod
Multi-Angle Central Column No (Can use VEO MT-12) No (Can use VEO MT-12)
Reversible Central Column Yes Yes
Low Angle Adaptor Yes Yes
Material Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
Weight 4.6lbs 2100g
Folded Length 27 9/10 inches 710mm
Maximum Height Central Column Extended 69 2/5 inches 1760mm
Maximum Height Central Column Down 56 2/5 inches 1430mm
Minimum Height 9 1/2 inches 240mm
Maximum Load Capacity 17.6lbs 8kg
Leg Diameter 1 inch 26mm
Leg Sections 3 3
Leg Lock Easy clean twist lock Easy clean twist lock
Leg Angles 3 (20°, 50° and 80°) 3 (20°, 50° and 80°)
Feet Type Rubber Feet and Spiked Feet Rubber Feet and Spiked Feet
Hook For Hanging Extra Weight Yes (or Alta SBM available separately) Yes (or Alta SBM available separately)
Monopod Leg Yes Yes
Head Attachment Thread 1/4" and 3/8" thread 1/4" and 3/8" thread
Tripod Head VEO PH-28 VEO PH-28
Head Style 2-way Pan Head that locks using handle 2-way Pan Head that locks using handle
Arca Swiss Compatible Yes Yes
Quick Shoe QS-61P QS-61P
Separate Pan Lock No No
Friction Control No (though can adjust friction by turning handle) No (though can adjust friction by turning handle)
Bubble Level on Head 1 1
Tripod Bag Yes Yes
Accessories Quick release plate, spiked feet, low angle adaptor and tripod bag Quick release plate, spiked feet, low angle adaptor and tripod bag
Suitable For Mirrorless Yes Yes
Suitable For DSLR Yes Yes
Suitable For PRO Kit No No
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Extended Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Series VEO 3 Spotting Scope Tripod VEO 3 Spotting Scope Tripod
Colour Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
Other Can also be used for photography, but no separate pan lock Can also be used for photography, but no separate pan lock
Suitable For Spotting Scope Yes Yes