Replacement Foam for SUPREME 40F

Replacement Foam for SUPREME 40F


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Replacement Foam for the Supreme 40F Waterproof Case, to ensure your kit remains protected as it changes 

  • Complete set of foam, simply remove and replace existing foam
  • Customisable, hexagonal foam insert for maximum protection
  • Can also be used in a Supreme 40D in place of the Divider Bag

Keep your kit safe as you explore your world



Vanguard’s Supreme Cases are designed to cope with the most rugged conditions a photographer can meet, and the models with foam inserts offer the snuggest fit for your camera kit as they can be completely personalised for your ideal setup.

Over time however, kit changes and you may need to rework the layout.  To do this, you may need to start from scratch, which is not possible.  When this happens you need a replacement set of foam.

This is a complete set of replacement foam for a Supreme 40F that will allow you to do this and keep the optimum layout for your kit over time.