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QS-29 is an all metal DIN compatible quick shoe with 1/4" thread for Vanguard tripods, that is compatible with models such as:

  • Espod CX tripods
  • VT tripods
  • AK-1, AK-2 and AK-3 tripods

For a fuller list of models please see the long description

QS-29 is a proprietary Vanguard quick shoe with 1/4" camera screw and pin.

DIN compatible

Suitable for models such as:

  • AK-2/AK-2s
  • AK-3/AK-3s
  • AK-4/AK-4s
  • Espod CX 203AGH
  • Espod CX 203AP
  • Espod CX 204AGH
  • Espod CX 204AP
  • Lite 4
  • Mars 1
  • Mars 10S
  • Millennium Series
  • MK-2
  • MK-3
  • MK-4
  • OV-300
  • OV-400
  • Trikon Digital Kit
  • Trikon Gold
  • Trikon Kit
  • VT-158
  • VT-216H
  • VT-216M
  • VT-217
  • VT-219
  • VT-438
  • VT-931
Product Style Quick Release Plate Quick Release Plate
Arca Swiss Compatible No (DIN compatible) No (DIN compatible)
Top Plate Dimensions (L x W) 1.65 x 1.65 inches 42 x 42mm
Able To Rotate By 90 Degrees On Tripod Head Yes Yes
Camera Attachment Thread Size 1/4 inch 1/4 inch
Anti Twist Pin Yes Yes
Able To Adjust Thread Position On Plate No No
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Extended Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Series Quick Shoe Quick Shoe