PORTA-AIM U Gun Rest with U-Yoke Rest

PORTA-AIM U Gun Rest with U-Yoke Rest


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The Porta Aim U is a portable aluminium gun-rest with a U-Yoke as a universal yoke for stability on the go, without the need to fix it to your rifle.

  • U-Yoke that is 6cm wide with rubber fins to grip the forestock
  • Compact design weighing just 465g and folding to just 33cm
  • Extends between 19cm and 28.5cm high
  • Quick, single handed height adjustment
  • 360° panning movement

Also available with an anti-vibration padded seat as the original Porta Aim, or the Porta Aim Padded Seat is available to purchase separately.


Constructed of rugged aluminium, the Porta Aim U gun rest provides a stable shooting support in an easily portable device.

The Porta Aim U can be deployed in seconds thanks to the simple, single-handed, rapid central column action.

The U-Yoke fits almost every style of rifle, with non-scratch fins securely grip your rifle's forestock.

The 360° pan action and adjustable height (between 19cm and 28.5cm), allows you to locate and sight a target with ease, with minimal need to move

Weighing just 465g its easy to pack up and take out as you travel.

This video explains how the original Porta Aim works with the Porta Aim Padded Seat:

 So if you're looking for a lightweight support for the range or on the go, we're confident that you can't do much better than the Porta Aim Series.

Gun Rest Style Portable Gun Rest Portable Gun Rest
Tripod Yes Yes
Bipod - -
Monopod - -
Feet Type Rubber Rubber
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Weight 1.0 lbs 465g
Folded Length 13in 330mm
Maximum Height 11 1/5 inches 285mm
Minimum Height 9 inches 220mm
Head Attachment Thread 1/4 inch 6.35mm (1/4 inch)
Gun Rest Head Yes Yes
Head Description U-Yoke U-Yoke
Ability To Pan Yes Yes
Accessories - -
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Extended Warranty 4 Years 4 Years
Colour Black Black
Other Quick, Single Handed Adjustment Quick, Single Handed Adjustment