Endeavor Picatinny Rail

Endeavor Picatinny Rail


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The Endeavor Pic Rail is a Picatinny quick release system for extremely fast firearm attachment.

  • Attach the Endeavor Pic Rail to a sling attachment stud
  • Mount to a tripod such as the Endeavor L 263APR or Endeavor L 263CPR
  • Attach a sling to the front stud of the Endeavor Pic Rail
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Rubber pads prevent damage to forestock

The Picatinny Rail system originated in the military to fit rifle scopes securely, but has since evolved to cover more uses, and is now used to attach selected rifle supports such as the Endeavor L 263CPR gun rest, and the Endeavor LDA quick release system.  

The Vanguard Endeavor Picatinny Rail Quick shoe is designed to fit onto the the rifle sling buckle on the forestock.  Being discreet and lightweight it can be left on in day to day use.

When additional support is needed, then simply attach the base into the clamp of a suitable gun rest.  This saves time and effort when compared to attaching/removing a fixed gun rest. 

The Endeavor Picatinny Rail also includes an extension on the front so you can still attach a rifle sling.

Ideal for use with:

Note: Not suitable for use with the Equalizer 1QS

Style Picatinny Quick Shoe Picatinny Quick Shoe
Series Endeavor Shooting Accessory Endeavor Shooting Accessory
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Extended Warranty 10 Years 10 Years