For maximum stability, connect your binoculars to any tripod with the BA-185 Binocular Tripod Adaptor

  • Simply screw into Tripod Adaptor Thread on the front of any Vanguard binoculars and attach to any tripod
  • Large easy grip to tighten to binoculars
  • Weighs under 100g


# 0X90423



If you're planning to observe the wildlife from a fixed location for a period of time, it can help to let your tripod take the strain. Not only does this take the weight off your shoulders and arms, it can also allow you to leave your binoculars fixed on a set point, be it a den or a nest, so that when the elusive subject appears, there's no need to try to rush to relocate and refocus your binoculars.

The BA-185 Binocular Tripod Adaptor enables you to easily mount your binoculars to a tripod for stable viewing. Simply screw the adaptor into the thread on your Vanguard binoculars and this allows you to attach to your tripod. For the best use we'd recommend you attach the base of the BA-185 to a spare quick release plate for your tripod. As the BA-185 can be left attached to your binoculars, this can allow you to attach and remove the BA-185 with ease.


Warranty Applicable by national law
Extended Warranty 2 years
Application birding, hunting, sporting
Weight (lb) 0.2