VEO CP-65 Clamp - 65mm Diameter Grip

VEO CP-65 Clamp - 65mm Diameter Grip


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The VEO CP-65 Clamp is a versatile piece of gear that provides a stable foundation for a camera, a smartphone, or accessory when mounted to a tripod support arm*. The versatile design allows you to attach the clamp to a tabletop, tree branch, railing, or almost any other surface to enjoy stable shooting when a tripod isn't an option.

  • Can attach to items up to a 65mm diameter
  • Swivelling front clasps offer flexibility and allow the clamp to attach to numerous surface types
  • Moulded rubber inner grip for maximum hold, even on smooth surfaces
  • Three threaded holes (two 1/4" and one 3/8") available for attaching tripod support arms
  • Bayonet slots for maximum stability when using a suitable tripod support arm, such as the VEO TSA DLX
  • Easy-grip locking knob

Available as part of the VEO CP-65 Kit which was awarded a Testbench Gold Award by Amateur Photographer, and is "Highly Recommended" by ePhotozine, it is also available with a smaller 46mm diameter clamp, or as part of a wider range of accessories to #unleashyourcreativity that you can see here and #makeupyourownmind.

* Tripod support arm not included

£44.99 £69.99

The VEO CP-65 Clamp lets you attach your camera, smartphone, or accessory to almost any surfaces around you, wherever you are, to get that extra stability for that perfect shot, or position your accessory for the optimum result.

The clamp mouth opens up to 65mm for attaching it to almost any surfaces, and the swivelling front clasps offer flexibility that allows it to fit securely to either flat surfaces (such as a table top or fence line), or curved surfaces (such as railings or tree branches). 

If you don't need such a large clamp, then check out the VEO CP-46 which opens up to 46mm.

To get the most solid grip, and ensure that the clamp does not damage the surface it is attached to, the inner grip of the VEO CP Clamp has a moulded rubber finish.

On the clamp body, there are three threaded holes, two 1/4" and one 3/8".  These allow you to attach up to three tripod support arms for a camera, Go Pro, smartphone, lighting or a mic rig, each positioned independently. Each thread has bayonet slots for maximum stability when using a suitable tripod support arm, such as a the VEO TSA DLX series.

When paired with suitable support arms, the VEO CP Clamp can handle a payload up to 2.5kg, which gives you plenty of gear configuration options.

VEO CP Clamps are easy to use, as well. An easy-grip locking knob helps you tighten the clamp easily, even with gloves on your hands or in damper conditions. Simply tighten it down and set up your shot.

So to use almost any surface to set up your perfect shot, check out the VEO CP Clamp and #makeupyourownmind

The video below shows how the accessories can link together to turn your tripod into a studio, in this case using the VEO 3T 265HCBP as a base:


So why not choose your accessories and unleash your creativity?


Style Clamp Clamp
Maximum Diameter 2 2/3" 65mm
Dimensions 3 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 4/5" 83 x 89 x20mm
Maximum Load Capacity 5.5lbs 2.5kg
Weight 0.35lbs 160g
Bayonet Option Yes Yes
Connection To Accessory 2x 1/4" Thread and 1x 3/8" Thread 2x 1/4" Thread and 1x 3/8" Thread
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Extended Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Series VEO Accessories VEO Accessories
Colour Black Black