March 12, 2019 , vanguardworld Admin

Laurence Norah - Finding The Universe

A Vanguard Pro since 2014, Laurence Norah is an award-winning travel photographer who loves to present the wonders of the world in new and interesting ways. Laurence is one half of the travel blogging duo at Finding the Universe, as well as the other half of Independent Travel Cats. He also runs an online travel photography course. His goal is to inspire others to visit the destinations he's been to, as well as take their own photography to the next level.

Laurence has been taking pictures since he was 13, when he was given a film Canon SLR as a birthday present, and nowadays he travels the world, taking pictures and teaching photography to all levels. He's been a proud Vanguard Pro since 2014, and particularly loves the VEO line for their stability and portability on the go.

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