Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson

September 07, 2021 , Vanguard World

Andy Robinson of J&A Photography, is a multi award winning wedding, portrait and commercial photographer based in North Devon, England. He holds ‘Craftsman’ status within the Guild of Photographers for his wedding photography and is one of only nineteen people to currently hold this award.

Prior to becoming a full time photographer, Andy worked for the much missed photographic retailer J&A Cameras, where he first discovered the quality and design flair of Vanguard products. He has been using them ever since and swears by his Alta Fly 58T roller bag for holding all his wedding gear in one secure place.

Although the majority of Andy’s work is commissioned, over the past three years he has still found time to create personal projects. This includes the dramatic Dark Art Ladies series of portraits, which will mark his first solo exhibition, at The Castle Gallery, Bude in the Spring of 2022.

When not taking photographs, Andy can be found indulging his passion for football, especially all things Leeds United - so please treat him with a degree of sympathy if you ever meet him at a wedding or event; he may need it!