Meet the Endeavor L 30mm Gun Rest

Meet the Endeavor L 30mm Gun Rest

July 31, 2023 , Vanguard World

Vanguard has been designing and manufacturing award winning support systems since 1986, and has used that experience to launch our most stable and precise gun rest ever in the Endeavor L Series.

Meet the Endeavor L series of stable and accurate gun rests

The base is a 3-section tripod with 30mm diameter legs that are designed to deliver a stable platform that is second to none, with a choice of rubber or spiked feet for use on any surface.

The twist leg locks are designed to be silent to operate and lock each joint tightly. They are also easy to clean to maximise the life of the tripod, no matter where they are used.

With three easy set leg angles, the Endeavor L can be set up anywhere between 220mm and 1,730mm, making it ideal for any style of shooting and even the tallest of shooters.

At the top of the tripod is a ½ bowl levelling system that has been CNC machined from a solid block of aluminium to deliver maximum quality and the smoothest of movements.

This ½ bowl levelling system allows you to adjust your aim up/down ±15° or pan 360° with ease, making it easy to get on target. When locked in place, it delivers a solid base with a maximum load capacity of up to 15kg.  Alternatively the lock can be partially tightened to allow some movement, but holding your rifle still if you need to release it, for example to use your optics.

Fixed to the top of the ½ bowl levelling system with a 3/8” thread is an Endeavor GM-70 rifle clamp which can fit any rifle between 30mm and 70mm. 

The clamp is loosened and tightened using a textured and oversized locking wheel that is easy to grip in the toughest weather conditions, with or without gloves.

The inner clamps have textured rubber linings that maximise the grip on your rifle, and prevent damage to the forestock.

The Endeavor GM-70 can be removed to allow you to fit an alternative head for photography or a spotting scope, maximising the versatility of this gun rest system.  It could also fit directly onto any standard tripod (smaller 1/4” threads will need to use an adaptor).

The Endeavor L Series is designed for stability and precision, but when you need to carry it there is a removable shoulder strap that can be fitted, allowing you to carry the gun rest in comfort. 

Here Thomas from Vanguard introduces the 

So if you’re looking for the most stable and precise gun rest on the market, check out the Endeavor L Series.

Available at launch from Optics Warehouse and other leading dealers, or our website.

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