June 16, 2020 , Vanguard World

Whether you’re exploring in some isolated corner of the world to get that perfect shot, or just a few miles from home, you need to get the right kit there safely and in comfort. Depending on your mission, the kit you need to carry can be significantly different time after time. To deliver the versatility you need, Vanguard introduces the new VEO RANGE Tactical Backpack.

VEO RANGE Tactical Backpacks are constructed of high quality and scratch-resistant materials, with a finish that is second to none. They are designed to blend into any environment with a design that doesn’t highlight that you are carrying a valuable camera kit, available in a choice of three colours to match your needs: including stylish Blue (NV), explorers Stone (BG), or traditional Black (BK).

Despite the appearance, these backpacks have all the features that you would expect from a high quality camera bag and are available in three sizes:

  • VEO RANGE T37M models for mirrorless (or small DSLR) camera kits with 4-5 lenses, and a 9.7” tablet
  • VEO RANGE T45M models for DSLR/larger mirrorless camera kits with 4-5 lenses (up to 200mm f/2.8), and a 13” laptop
  • VEO RANGE T48 models for Pro DSLR/mirrorless camera kits with grip and up to 9 lenses (up to 400mm f/2.8), and a 15" Laptop (or 16" MacBook Pro)

Inside, the padded interior is incredibly versatile, especially on the larger T48 models which feature a top daypack section that has a hinge in it. This hinge allows the daypack section to be set up with an L-shape, allowing you to use the whole height of the backpack to carry a longer item, such as a travel tripod up to 45cm, inside the backpack, further disguising the fact you are carrying a valuable camera kit as you explore your world. They can also be used to carry a spotting scope such as the Endeavor HD 82A safely, with a tripod on the outside, making them perfect for bird watchers too.

Access to the camera includes rear access to the full kit for maximum security, and fast side access to your camera so you don’t miss that fleeting shot.  T37M models and T45M models can also be set up for top-front access.

There is also plenty of storage for all those essential accessories in the multiple pockets, including two expandable pockets on each waist strap of the T45M models and the T48 models.

In addition, the external webbing allows kit that doesn’t fit inside to be attached to the outside.  All models come with a detachable tripod foot holder and a detachable water bottle holder.  Additional kit, such as a jacket or a portable stool, can be also be attached using any straps or carabiners you choose (not supplied).

With the amount of gear you may choose to carry, the ability to carry in comfort is crucial. All VEO RANGE Tactical Backpacks come with a comfortable and ergonomic harness system and a padded back with airflow system.  T45M models and T48 models also come with a wide padded waist strap to allow the weight of larger loads to be spread from the shoulders and chest to the hips, to maximising comfort over extended journeys. These waist straps also include zipper pockets that are ideal for items that you need to keep safe and close to hand, such as snacks or your phone.

To get to more exotic destinations, all models are hand luggage compatible for major airlines, though we always recommend to check before you fly as rules can change without warning. Check with Skyscanner for the latest information.

VEO RANGE Tactical Backpacks Specifications:

All-in-all VEO RANGE Tactical Backpacks offer stylish and practical solution for any environment or kit.  Why not check them out for yourself and #MakeUpYourOwnMind

Click here for a list of our Authorised Dealers, but we suggest you call first to ensure they have the model you want to try.


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