A Review of the VEO 2GO 265CB Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod (and an upgrade to the VEO 2GO 265HCBM)

A Review of the VEO 2GO 265CB Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod (and an upgrade to the VEO 2GO 265HCBM)

March 16, 2020 , BoostCommerce Collaborator

by Angela Harrod LPRS

Like most photographers, I have a fair few tripods hanging around, in cupboards, under the sofa…everywhere except where they should be – which is underneath my camera, keeping things stable. They are essentially decent bits of kit in themselves, but either too big, too heavy, not supportive enough, not versatile enough. Short of carrying three of them around to tick all the requisite boxes, I was in the market for a solution. After a great deal of research, I decided upon the Vanguard VEO 2GO 265CB.

Predominantly I am a travel and stock photographer. Therefore, top of the list is portability. Here, the VEO excels – at a mere 1200g and 325mm packed down height, it is small enough to fit into (or clip to the side of) any of my camera bags. I am using the VEO GO 34M, which is specifically made for this model of the tripod. The tripod is also easy to carry without a bag – the width fits comfortably in my hand – no bigger than a large water bottle.

For wildlife photography, I use a hefty 150-600mm lens with a 1.4 extender. This would provide most travel or lightweight tripods with a fair challenge, and I was pleasantly surprised to note that the VEO handled it well. Once the ball head was tightened, there was no movement, slipping, or creeping. At maximum height, it seemed perfectly stable, even on rough, uneven terrain.

For the moon shot, this sturdiness and secure hold were paramount for precision capture. At such high magnification, even the slightest movement would have ruined the shot. As you can see from the shot, this was handled very well at 840mm (using remote shutter).

My one concern was the maximum height. I am 5’10” and the compromise you make on a travel tripod is the extended height. When I raised this with Vanguard they recommended the VEO 2GO 265HCBM.  At maximum extension of 166.5cm/66.5in, I was very pleasantly surprised by how rigid and sturdy the centre column is, with the added advantage I found I could work much longer without back ache thanks to the height of the VEO 2GO 265HCBM which extends to 166.5cm/66.5 inches.  It does mean that it it's a bit longer when folded at 410mm/16 inches and doesn't fit into the VEO GO 34M, but that's a compromise I'm willing to live with,

To summarise... 

Both models offer a sturdy travel tripod. If portability is the most important factor then the VEO 2GO 265CB is ideal, but the VEO 2GO 265HCBM version is a worthwhile upgrade if you are tall.  I would feel comfortable putting an even larger lens on this without concern. For me, portability is an important factor. As most photographers will be aware - cameras, lenses and accessories alone can be more than enough to carry. But a strong and stable tripod is paramount so my final vote is for the VEO 2GO 265HCBM.

Aesthetically, the 265HCBM is also very stylish - this is maybe not nearly as important a factor - but it doesn’t hurt to be good looking too!

About the Author - Angela Harrod

I am a professional photographer based in London, UK and Cannes, France.

I am a Getty Images and Alamy Contributor and have a Licentiate Distinction with the Royal Photographic Society. I recently won the MPB Monochrome Competition and have been shortlisted twice for the Royal Photographic Society 365 Competitions. 

My work has been featured in the Observer, the Guardian,

French Living Magazine, Psychologies Magazine, ITV and the Chester Chronicle websites. I have had three exhibitions in London and I also teach Photography. I am interested in and fascinated by all areas of Photography.




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