NEW: ALTA SKY 68 Backpack

NEW: ALTA SKY 68 Backpack

May 10, 2022 , Vanguard World

From launch, the Alta Sky Collection quickly established itself as one of our best selling camera bags. Designed for professional photographers who need to carry large loads across rough terrain safely, the Alta Sky Collection quickly acquired a reputation for excellence that was validated by great reviews and international awards, such as TIPA and Red Dot.

A key seller in the range is the Alta Sky 66, which is designed to carry a super telephoto lens up to 600mm f/4.0, (and some 800mm f/5.6), attached to a Pro DSLR or full frame Mirrorless body, protected in the best possible way and easy to access. However, just being able to carry the one lens limits a photographer in the field, preventing them from taking advantage of that unexpected shot as they don’t have the right lenses to hand.

To address this, we are launching the Alta Sky 68. This is the ultimate gear-carrying and working backpack, specifically designed to carry a super telephoto lens up to an 800mm f/5.6, attached to a Pro DSLR or full frame Mirrorless body, along with up to 7 additional lenses (or personal kit).  The super telephoto lens can be accessed from the top, and additional lenses at the rear of the backpack from a lower access panel.

The Alta Sky 68 can also carry up to two full sized tripods, with an accessories pocket on the side.

In addition, the Alta Sky 68 can carry a 16” laptop and 11” tablet, (against just a 9” tablet in the Alta Sky 66), allowing a photographer to check they’ve captured their perfect shot and even edit their shots on the go.
Designed to be tough, the Alta Sky includes rip-stop and water-resistant material, with a rain cover for wetter days, and extensive padding for maximum protection.
To carry this load in comfort, the Alta Sky 68 incorporates the popular Alta Sky harness system for maximum comfort on the move:

  • A well-padded and breathable 3D back panel, with extra padding against the shoulder blades and the lower back. This can be customised to height of the individual with three separate settings.
  • The equally well-padded shoulder straps are contoured for a comfortable fit and incorporate both sternum straps and shoulder cinch straps allowing you to minimise movement on the go.
  • The extra wide and padded waist belt ensures the load is well spread across the lower body.

Multiple options to lift the Alta Sky 68 are also included to make it as easy as possible to manoeuvre:

So if you’re a photographer who’s planning a long trip with your super telephoto lens, but doesn’t want to miss a shot, or wants to carry additional personal kit, then check out the Alta Sky 68 and #makeupyourownmind.

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