Introducing VEO 3 - a tripod series for landscape photographers

Introducing VEO 3 - a tripod series for landscape photographers

July 12, 2022 , Vanguard World

Many photographers, such as landscape photographers and long lens photographers don’t need the versatility of a multi-angle central column, but just need a tall, solid tripod and the ability to use an L-Bracket, all of which, the new VEO 3 Series is designed to deliver.

This series is CNC machined and extends up to 183cm with the central column extended, or 149cm with the central column down for maximum stability, and includes a maximum load capacity of up to 25kg to cope with any level of kit.

With a choice of rubber or spiked feet, the VEO 3 Series can be used on any ground, and to maximise the life of the tripod it comes with easy clean leg locks. No matter how challenging the conditions, you can frame that perfect shot with your VEO 3 Tripod.

All models come in a choice of carbon or aluminium legs and come with a choice of Arca compatible dual axis ball head or a 3-way pan head with a rotating top handle.

The VEO BH Series of Arca compatible dual axis ball heads that can hold up to 25kg, and is perfect for photographers setting up their tripod on uneven ground and wanting a perfect level for their shot in seconds.  No more messing around with the leg sections or leg angles to get a level. Simply put your tripod down, use the ball joint and spirit level to get your level, and attach your camera. You can then adjust the horizontal positioning to reframe your shot or shoot panoramas using the top axis. It couldn’t be simpler.

The VEO PH Series of Arca compatible 3-way pan heads can hold up to 10kg, and incorporate a rotating top handle that allows the head to be set up in the most comfortable position for the shot, whether you are a left-handed or right-handed photographer, and makes it ideal for photographers who want to be able to use an L-bracket and long lenses.  

Traditional 3-way pan heads have the quick release plate clamps facing forwards, or at 90°. Facing forwards is optimised for a long lens, but at 90° it can be used with an L-bracket. This means that you’re always needing to compromise with a pan head.  No more. These heads come set up for a long lens, but simply rotate the top handle round 90° and you can use it with an L-bracket.


They also include a reversible central column or low low angle adaptor for macro, and three easy set leg angles (20°, 50° and 80°) that allow you to get down low.

At the top of the centre column there are two 3/8” thread holes with non-slip bayonet fittings for tripod support arms, such as VEO TSA DLX, that allow you to add accessories such as a display to help you frame your shot perfectly.

The twist locks are designed to deploy smoothly and silently, to deliver a solid lock on each of the three sections, delivering an incredibly stable base, especially when combined with the removable hook at base of central column to attach additional weight.

VEO 3 Series Product Specs

So if you're looking for a solid, traditional tripod, check out the VEO 3 Series and #makeupyourownmind



Lifestyle images by Vanguard Ambassador John Hanson


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