A Urquhart Proposal

A Urquhart Proposal

September 21, 2022 , Liz Ludlow

Vanguard ambassador Michael Carver has shared the special moment a US tourist proposed to his girlfriend at Loch Ness in front of Urquhart Castle.

Stephen Price had contacted Michael Carver online to ask if he could help make the moment even more perfect by being on hand to take the photos.

The pair then planned the day, with Stephen hoping to propose in front of Urquhart Castle, which has the same name as Lisa's family.

Stephen booked Michael on the boat, and he posed as a tourist ready to capture moments leading up to the proposal. Michael had the idea to travel across the loch with them and take undercover photos. However, Lisa’s son was suspicious and questioned why someone was taking photos of them!

Stephen and Michael had pre-arranged to walk to the spot Stephen wanted to propose – Urquhart Castle and Michael was feeling the pressure to not miss the moment but as you can see, the clouds parted and the sun shone and Lisa said YES!

So if you're looking for a way to capture that special moment, why not ask a local photographer to help out..?


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