VEO Active Birder 56 47 Litre Backpack For Spotting Scope - Green

VEO Active Birder 56 47 Litre Backpack For Spotting Scope - Green


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The VEO Active Birder 56 Backpack is a stylish, but rugged 47 litre trekking backpack that is designed for birdwatchers to carry their spotting scope to the most remote and rugged locations, or just to the park, in comfort.

  • Weather resistant materials and waterproof zips mean this bag is IP55 certified when used with it's rain cover
  • Front and top access to the main 32 litre compartment with a padded spotting scope holder
  • Separate 15 litre top compartment
  • Carries a 16" laptop (compartment is 310 x 35 x 370mm) and a 10" tablet, and up to two tripods (rear and side)
  • USB port for charging on the go
  • Includes mutliple pockets and extra pouches for maximum storage
  • Sealed 390 x 180mm waterproof pocket for up to a 2 litre hydration pouch 

This backpack is not suitable for cameras.  If you want to carry a camera, you may wish to consider a VEO BIB F (front opening bag-in-bag), or a VEO BIB T (top opening bag-in-bag).

With all the features in the VEO Active Birder, Martin summarised this bag as "the gift that keeps on giving" in his review on Clifton Cameras. So if you're looking for a solution to carry your spotting scope over longer distances, check out the VEO Active Birder and #makeupyourownmind


The VEO Active Birder 56 Backpack is a stylish, but rugged 47 litre trekking backpack that is designed to carry your spotting scope and tripod to the most remote and rugged locations, along with a wealth of personal kit.

The bag has an extended waterproof zip that allows the bag to almost fully open, giving you access to the backpack.  If you just want top access, simply clip the strap on the left which prevents the bag being fully opened in error.

Inside the main 32 litre compartment is a 134 x 320mm padded tube that is designed to hold a spotting scope safe and secure to the back of the bag, with an elasticated loop to fit around the eyepiece.  It also includes two inner pockets for a 16” laptop, (compartment is 310 x 35 x 370mm), and a 10" tablet. Above the laptop compartment is a zipped pocket for other essentials, like a smartphone or a VEO PA-65 Universal Digiscope Adaptor. The remaining space is available for any personal kit you need for your trek.

On the top of the backpack is separate 15 litre top compartment for items that you want to keep close to hand, and includes a mesh pocket and a key ring holder to help organise your kit.

To stay fresh on the go it includes a 390 x 180mm side pocket for a 2 litre hydration pouch.  This pocket is designed to be waterproof to ensure that a leak can't get into your main compartment.

On the opposite side is an elasticated side pocket that can be used for a separate water bottle, or to hold a tripod.

Above this there is a USB port interface that allows you to carry the power bank of your choice in the main compartment, and connect it to your device to stay charged on the go. Perfect for powering your device, such as a smartphone as you use the GPS functionality to help with navigation or capture memories of your trip.

On the back is a discreet zip up rear pocket which is perfect for valuables such as a wallet or passport.

A tripod is also essential for use with a spotting scope, and two rear straps allow you to carry a full sized tripod centrally on the back, delivering optimal balance over longer distances.  Alternatively, you can attach a tripod to the side and attach a sleeping mat or tent to the straps.

As this backpack is designed to carry larger kits over extended distances, extra attention has been applied to the ergonomics to deliver maximum comfort.  This includes a reinforced aluminium frame which is shaped to follow the curve of the upper spine and stiffens the rear of the backpack.  On the back itself there is a padded waist cushion and shoulder cushions, with a wide air-flow system.  The shoulder straps are also well padded with an adjustable chest strap, and there is a padded waist belt to spread the load which can be removed or fixed around the bag when not in use, so it doesn't flap on shorter trips.

For even more storage, each shoulder strap includes an expandable elasticated pocket, with an expandable zip up pocket for snacks on one side of the waist belt, and a velcro strap that allows you to attach your binocular pouch through the belt loop on the other. It also includes a removable bottle holder and accessory pouch that can be used to organise your gear. 

To cope with the rigours of the wilds, the VEO Active series is constructed of tough nylon 840D which is highly weather and tear resistant, with waterproof zips and quality herringbone and double reverse stitching.  For wetter days, the VEO Active includes a rain cover. This has camera bag has been IP55 certified in when used with the the rain cover.

Please note that this backpack is not designed for cameras. If you want to carry a camera, you may want to include a VEO BIB Bag-In-Bag.

So if you are looking for a rugged and stylish backpack for your birding kit that's at home in the wilds, or just for a trip to the park, check out the VEO Active Birder and #makeupyourownmind

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    Style Trekking Backpack Trekking Backpack
    Access To Camera Front Access Front Access
    Suitable For Spotting scope Spotting scope
    Daypack Section For Personal Items Yes Yes
    Laptop/Tablet 16" Laptop and 10" Tablet 16" Laptop and 10" Tablet
    Laptop Compartment 12 1/4 x 1 3/8 x 14 5/8 inches 310 x 35 x 370mm
    Tripod Holder Yes Yes
    Internal Tripod Compartment No No
    Hand Luggage Compatible No No
    External Dimensions 13 × 9 7/8 × 22 7/8 inches 330 x 250 x 580mm
    Full Internal Dimensions 12 1/4 × 7 1/8 × 22 inches 310 x 180 x 560mm
    Main Compartment Dimensions 12 2/8 x 7 1/8 x 22 inches 310 x 180 x 560mm
    Spotting Scope Pouch Dimensions 5 1/3 x 12 3/5 inches 134 x 320mm
    Top Compartment Dimensions Expands to 12 1/5 x 6 2/7 x 11 inches Expands to 310 x 160 x 280mm
    Water Bladder Size Guide 2 Litre 2 Litre
    Litres 47 47
    Weight 5.3lbs 2400g
    Rain Cover Yes Yes
    Suitable for Mirrorless No No
    Suitable for DSLR No No
    Suitable for PRO Kit No No
    Suitable for Spotting Scope Yes Yes
    Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
    Extended Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
    Series VEO Active VEO Active
    Application Birdwatching Birdwatching
    Colour Green Green
    Accessories Detachable water bottle pouch and accessories pouch Detachable water bottle pouch and accessories pouch
    Other USB interface port to charge on the go USB interface port to charge on the go
    Model Name VEO Active Birder 56 KG VEO Active Birder 56 KG