VEO 2 235CB 23mm Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod with Ball Head

VEO 2 235CB 23mm Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod with Ball Head

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VEO 2 235CB is an easily portable and super lightweight, 23mm, 5 sections Carbon Fiber travel tripod kit with a multi-action ball head and a maximum workload of 6kg / 13.3 lbs. It weighs only 1.2kg /2.6lbs and can be extended up to 145cms / 57 inches.

  • Intuitive and simple to set the tripod into desired position: Exclusive and innovative Central Column system that allows setting the central column and tripod legs in less than 15 seconds.
  • Multi-action Ball Head with 3 independent knobs for lock, pan, and friction control operation. Ergonomic knobs provide 6kg / 13.3lbs workload performance for quality images. Arca compatible QR place
  • Advanced Twist lock system for fast and rock solid position setting. Extend the 4 sections in a matter of seconds.
  • Highly Engineered leg tubes for smooth and precise leg extensions.
  • Dedicated suspension loop on the canopy to accommodate counterbalance weights or bags for additional stability.
  • 3 easy set leg angles (20°, 45°, 80°) for more versatility and possibilities to adapt to uneven terrain enabling you to shoot more creative pictures.
  • Non-slip, all-weather TPU grips on 1 leg for the perfect hand grip.
  • Angled rubber feet to carry and position firmly on the ground (spiked feet available; sold separately). 
  • Bonus tripod bag with extension system to accommodate any size of standard heads.

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VEO 2 235CB features the exclusive & unique central column rotation system that allows you to set up the tripod in a snap of your fingers and also includes the new and advanced twist ¼ turn lock-unlock system for fast deployment and solid setting. The VEO 2 BH-50 ball head operates perfectly with 3 independent dedicated knobs for lock, panning and friction control.

Composing photographs of unique architecture from different civilizations, capturing unexpected moments of wildlife, beautiful scenes of cultures and people from around the world, browsing different sites and taking in the various beauties of nature are unique opportunities to share your stories and emotions.

Take it everywhere with you, set it up in a matter of seconds, use the Advanced Engineering legs and twist locks systems with confidence while enjoying versatile creative positions. The VEO 2 235CB tripod has been thought to be your “best passport” for travel photography. With a snap of the fingers, swing the VEO 2 central column into place, connect your camera and you’re ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.

The VEO 2 BH-50 Multi-action Ball Head is sturdy and operates perfectly with 3 independent dedicated knobs for lock, panning and friction control. The Arca type compatible plate with ¼” D-ring screw offers quick camera attachment and release.

The 5 sections Carbon Fibre legs come with a rapid advanced twist lock system ergonomically designed to be extended with one hand and to lock into place in less than 10 seconds. The low-angle adaptor and the 3 leg angles at 20°, 45° and 80° ensure perfect positioning and stability on uneven terrain and also offers you the ability to take more creative pictures from different angles.

With angled rubber feet, the VEO 2 grants you the perfect grip on the ground. VEO 2 SF spiked feet (sold separately) will provide a stable position for outdoor environments. The dedicated suspension loop on canopy accommodates counterbalance weight or bags for additional stability...

A stylish design with a soft rubber handle provides an unbeatable grip. Use the included carrying tripod bag with a shoulder strap when you are ready to go on your next photo adventure.

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Tripod Style Travel Tripod Travel Tripod
Multi-Angle Central Column No No
Reversible Central Column Yes Yes
Low Angle Adaptor Yes Yes
Material Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
Weight 2.6lbs 1.2kg
Folded Height 16 inches 40cm
Maximum Height Central Column Extended 57 inches 145cm
Maximum Height Central Column Down 47 inches 120cm
Minimum Height 7 inches 18.5cm
Maximum Load Capacity 13lbs 6kg
Leg Diameter 0.9 inch 23mm
Leg Sections 5 5
Leg Lock Twist Lock Twist Lock
Leg Angles 3 3
Feet Type Rubber Feet (VEO SF Spiked Feet Compatible) Rubber Feet (VEO SF Spiked Feet Compatible)
Hook For Hanging Extra Weight No (eyelet on side of canopy spider) No (eyelet on side of canopy spider)
Monopod Leg No No
Head Attachment Thread 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch
Tripod Head VEO BH-50 VEO BH-50
Head Style Ball Head Ball Head
Base Diameter 1 2/3" 42mm
Arca Swiss Compatible Yes Yes
Quick Release Plate QS-60S QS-60S
Separate Pan Lock Yes Yes
Friction Control Yes Yes
Spirit Bubble Levels 1 1
Tripod Bag Yes Yes
Accessories Allen Wrench Allen Wrench
Suitable For Mirrorless Yes Yes
Suitable For DSLR Yes Yes
Suitable For Pro Kit Yes (Small) Yes (Small)
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Extended Warranty 8 Years 8 Years
Series VEO 2 VEO 2
Colour Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
Other - -