USED - VESTA VS-82 Table Tripod

USED - VESTA VS-82 Table Tripod

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This Used VESTA VS-82 is in water damaged packaging, but the table tripod itself is in excellent overall condition.

Key Spec:

  • Compact for easy transport, anywhere in the world
  • Ultra lightweight, weighing just 390g (0.86 lbs)
  • 2-way pan head with complete control through the one pan handle
  • Easy to track moving subjects
  • Extendable legs with twist locks
  • Non-slip rubber feet


£10.00 £29.99

As a brand, we have products that are perfectly good, but we can't sell as new. These include products that we use for display purposes at shows or with dealers, damaged packaging, or refurbished products. Rather than adding to the waste mountain, here we're offering you the opportunity to get some great prices on this "used" Vanguard gear.

Each item has been checked over by the team and to ensure there are no underlying issues on the products that we have missed, on these used products we offer a 6 month warranty against manufacturing defect.

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This used VESTA VS-82 table tripod is in water damaged packaging, but the tripod itself is in excellent overall condition.