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Not able to find a bag that suits your needs?  Vanguard’s BIB 27 (Bag-In-Bag) allows you to take your camera and accessories safely in whatever bag you choose. Whether it be in a hand bag, rucksack, sports bag, hand luggage or any in fact, any suitably sized bag, you can discreetly carry your DSLR or Compact System Camera (CSC) with two-three lenses and a flash/charger.

Alternatively, when not needed, your Bag-In-Bag can simply be removed using the top handle and placed out of the way while your camera kit stays safely protected inside it

The design is a great blend of functional and practicality, being a lightweight, well padded and with customisable inserts that you can set up for your camera kit.  The top can then be zipped to keep your camera kit secure and the dust out.   

Alternatively, if you want something a little smaller, why not check out the BIB 22?


Color Khaki Khaki
Extended Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Series Accessory Accessory
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year