ALTA PRO 2+ 263CB 100 Carbon Fibre Tripod with Ball Head and Multi-Angle Central Column

ALTA PRO 2+ 263CB 100 Carbon Fibre Tripod with Ball Head and Multi-Angle Central Column


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Includes FREE Alta Spiked Feet (RRP £19.99)

Alta Pro 2+ 263CB 100 is a carbon tripod kit with a Red Dot Award winning lightweight, 26mm, 3 section Alta Pro 2+ 263CT carbon fibre tripod, matched with an ALTA BH-100 ball head with an Arca Swiss compatible quick release system, separate pan-lock, separate friction control and a max pay load of up to 7 kg/15.4 lbs. Featuring our unique Multi-Angle Centre Column (MACC) it can be moved almost 360° in any direction, offering ultimate freedom of creativity.

  • The Alta BH-100 head is built with a Magnesium Alloy which provides lightweight construction and long-lasting durability
  • Arca-type quick release system with a built-in safety pin
  • 2 Bubble levels
  • Anodized center ball for extremely fluid movement without sacrificing control
  • The Alta BH-100 works with an Arca-type quick release system & built-in safety pin
  • The tripod is a 3-section lightweight carbon fibre tripod
  • ¼ turn lock/unlock twist lock legs
  • Incorporates the Vanguard Multi-Angle Center Column (MACC)
  • 4 labeled multi-leg angle selections (20°, 40°, 60°, 80°)
  • Anti-Slip rubber feet – Remove and replace with optional Alta Spiked Feet
  • The kit is optimized to handle a load capacity up to 15.4lbs/7kg

We believe this is the fastest and easiest tripod on the market to transition from a landscape setup to a macro setup. Why not give it a go and #MakeUpYourOwnMind

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The ALTA PRO 2+ 263CB 100 is the new industry standard for an ultimate performance tripod, guaranteed to flawlessly support not only your camera, but also your creative workflow.

Key product highlights include:

MACC (Multi-Angle Centre Column System): with a unique quick action centre column, you will enjoy quick, simple and intuitive “twist and lock” positioning at any angle of 15° steps. And range rotation of -90° to +90° that supports unlimited creativity, while significantly improving results in any field of photography, landscape to macro!

Central Column & Lock Mechanism: our mechanism offers one handed, effortless smooth operation and rapid action set-up, while our unique hexagonal central column ensures enhanced rigidity and stability.

Leg Angle selector: achieve perfect positioning and balance of the tripod to match any working terrain, by using the strong and steady 4 angles leg setting options of 20°, 40°, 60° or 80°)

Advanced Twist-Lock: ultra-fast 35° turn to “lock” or “unlock” ensures instant leg extension/contraction. This exceptional new system is engineered to support an unmatched loading capacity in comparison to any tripod other tripod in this segment.

ALTA Link: the tripod canopy is fitted with a 3/8 threaded connector, which will allow easy connection any additional accessories, such as lighting equipment and articulated or flexible arms, thus linking our users to incredible new creative possibilities.

Superb Build Quality and Multi Featured: manufactured with 1st rate material this solid performance tripod is sturdy, lightweight. Its many features include: fitted Bubble level and dedicated suspension loop to ensure perfect position and additional stability by hanging counterweight or bags; Non-slip, all-weather TPU grips on 2 legs; angled rubber feet to ensure perfect grip on any terrain (rubber feet welcome ALTA SF spiked feet sold separately). Included bonus Tripod bag designed to fit any standard head combo.

ALTA BH-100 Head: offers ultimate control to shoot anywhere within range and achieve the best photographic results. This is a head that can reach any desired position and securely lock into it, or allow you to manoeuvre the camera in motion with ease, for quick and precise shots.

ALTA BH-100 Head is constructed by state of the art materials and production processes, to grantee unwavering secure locking system, so that your gear stays in place in all angle positions. Enhanced performance features include: durable aircraft aluminium housing; easy-to-grip large lever lock; ergonomic friction control, precision lock; independent panning lock; two bubble levels for precise 90° angle in just one second & accurate 360° panoramic photography or videography adjustments; universal Arca-type quick release system, with a built-in safety pin to prevent accidentally releasing your camera; QS-60 V2 quick shoe fitted with ¼’ D-ring screw.


What is the difference between Alta Pro 2+ and VEO 3+

See the Alta Pro here, and the VEO 3+ here.


VEO 3+ Overview:

    Tripod Style Traditional Full Sized Tripod Traditional Full Sized Tripod
    Multi-Angle Central Column Yes Yes
    Reversible Central Column Yes Yes
    Low Angle Adaptor No (not needed) No (not needed)
    Material Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
    Weight 4.8lbs 2.15kg
    Folded Height 29 1/8 inches 74cm
    Maximum Height Central Column Extended 68 1/4 inches 173.5cm
    Maximum Height Central Column Down 56 3/8 inches 144cm
    Minimum Height 2 inch 5cm
    Maximum Load Capacity 15.4lbs 7kg
    Leg Diameter 1 inch 26mm
    Leg Sections 3 3
    Leg Lock 35° (R)EVOLUTION Lock 35° (R)EVOLUTION Lock
    Leg Angles Four - 20°, 40°, 60° & 80° Four - 20°, 40°, 60° & 80°
    Feet Type Rubber Feet (Alta SF spiked feet free with this product) Rubber Feet (Alta SF spiked feet free with this product)
    Hook For Hanging Extra Weight No - Eyelet under spirit level on canopy spider, or Alta SBM available as optional extra No - Eyelet under spirit level on canopy spider, or Alta SBM available as optional extra
    Monopod Leg No No
    Head Base Attachment 1/4 and 3/8 inch 1/4 and 3/8 inch
    Tripod Head Alta BH-100 Ball Head Alta BH-100 Ball Head
    Head Style Ball Head Ball Head
    Arca Swiss Compatible Yes Yes
    Quick Release Plate QS-60 V2 QS-60 V2
    Separate Pan Lock Yes Yes
    Friction Control Yes Yes
    Spirit Bubble Levels 2 2
    Tripod Bag Yes Yes
    Accessories QS-60 V2 Quick Release Plate, Tripod Bag + Allen Wrench QS-60 V2 Quick Release Plate, Tripod Bag + Allen Wrench
    Suitable For Mirrorless Yes Yes
    Suitable for DSLR Yes Yes
    Suitable for PRO Kits Yes Yes
    Warranty 2 years 2 years
    Extended Warranty 5 years 5 years
    Series Alta Pro 2 Plus Alta Pro 2 Plus
    Colour Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
    Other Thread for connector arm Thread for connector arm