VANGUARD ALTA+ 264AO tripods was designed to meet the most demanding requirements of birdwatchers using spotting scopes in a sleek and modern design.

  • Extends to 1780mm, but it's four section legs allow it to fold down to just 645mm for maximum portability
  • The 26mm diameter aluminium legs, along with rubber feet with retractable metal spikes, offer a solid and stable base in any conditions
  • Foam grips around each leg ensure the Alta+264AO is easy and comfortable to handle, even in cold and wet conditions
  • Three easy set leg angles (25°, 50° and 80°) and quick set flip locks enable you to create a stable platform for your spotting scope on any uneven or angled terrain, or even use it in a prone position if maximum stealth is required
  • There is a removable hook at the base of the column to hang additional weight if extra stability is required
  • The intuitive PH-31 two-way pan head is designed to deliver a smooth, fluid movement and allow you complete control of your spotting scope (or camera) with just one hand
  • Weighs 2.1kg with a mazimum load capacity of 5kg 
  • Includes a FREE tripod carrying bag
  • While designed for birdwatchers, the Alta+ 264AO is also perfect for photography or video work, including low-angle photography


# ALTA+ 264AO
User Manual



Lightweight and compact, its no wonder this ALTA+ tripod , coupled with our innovative PH-31 pan head is a favorite around the world.

The ALTA+ Aluminium Tripod was designed for birdwatchers and photographers, to meet their most demanding requirements in a sleek, modern design. With uncompromising quality and functionality, ALTA+ combines the ultra stability, durability, ease of use and reliability that every bird watcher needs. In addition, its legs adjust to 25°, 50° and 80° angles for ultra low-angle use.

The PH-31 Two-Way Pan Head is a fluid-like pan head, featuring an adjustable gravity center, arched design and a double safety lock. All this can be controlled intuitively with one hand, making it easy to locate and follow your subject.



Material Aluminum
Warranty Applicable by national law
Extended Warranty 10 years
Weight (lb) 2.1
Weight (kg) 2.10
Load capacity (kg) 5.0
Folded Length (mm) 645
Extended height (in) 70.125
Extended height (mm) 1780
Minimum Height (mm) 1515
Leg Sections 4
Leg Lock Flip Lock
Head Specs PH-31
Quick Shoe QS-52