Introducing the VESTA Mini Tripod with the help of Vanguard Pro - Mark Duffy
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Introducing the VESTA Mini Tripod with the help of Vanguard Pro - Mark Duffy

Sometimes you just want something small that you can carry in a pocket that gives you the option of a stable shot wherever you may be, whether it be on your camera or on your smartphone. Introducing the new VESTA Mini Tripod range…

VESTA TT1 available in a range of colours to suit you

Available in Black, Champagne (Gold), Rose Gold and White, this tripod is less than 18cm long when folded and weighs just 155g, VESTA Mini Tripods are designed to be easy to carry (even in a pocket) and can be deployed in seconds. VESTA Mini Tripods also comes with a Smartphone Adaptor that allows you to use your smartphone on the tripod or standalone, whether for your social media, web conferencing or for creative shots

However, this compact tripod is for more than just smartphones.  The VESTA Mini Tripod can take a maximum load capacity of 2kg so will cope with most Mirrorless and DSLR setups with an average lens.  Combined with the ¼” thread and ball head with quick set portrait mode, it delivers a stable platform for more creative shots as Vanguard Pro Mark Duffy demonstrates below.

Mark Duffy used his VESTA TT1 BP to shoot this landscape at Flagstaff Co. Armagh

The VESTA Mini Tripod can also be teamed up with other photographic accessories for more creative solutions.  Here Mark Duffy teamed up his VESTA Mini Tripod with his Lensball and Lensball Stand to offer “a more unique photo than others have taken in the past”.

Be as creative as you want…

Whether you want to get more out of your smartphone, or just have a small, lightweight tripod wherever you go, the VESTA Mini Tripod could prove the perfect choice

We’ll leave the last word to Mark Duffy – “the VESTA is not only a table top tripod for you smartphone, it has so many possibilities and applications including use with a mirrorless camera and now a Lensball with their very cool suction cup tripod stand adapter”

Mark Duffy Photography

Mark is a landscape photographer and graphic designer based in Dundalk, Ireland. As a result from the recession in Ireland, Mark found himself developing a hobby, graphic design, into a full time career choice. Having spent six years learning and developing his skills (mostly through "The University of Youtube"), Mark decided to make the leap into landscape photography at the end of January 2016. Since then he has grown from having no photography experience, to commanding an ever growing presence on social media and a loyal fan base.


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