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Save 20% on any Vanguard product from our website or participating authorised dealers from 17th November 2023 until 7th January 2024 using the discount code below:


As a family business, Vanguard has been designing, manufacturing and selling multi-award winning photography and outdoors accessories since 1986, and has a presence in over 100 countries.  Over the years we've invested heavily in the factory to deliver innovative products that are packed with features, and at a quality that is second to none.  

To give you peace of mind, all Vanguard's products come with a 2 year guarantee that you can extend up to a free 10 year guarantee by simply registering on our website.  Even if you haven't registered for the extended guarantee, we will always try to find a solution and you will always get through to a person who will be there to help by emailing or calling us on 01202 651281. You can see this in our Trustpilot reviews.

Whether you're a Vanguard loyalist or just coming across us for the first time, we'd like to give you the chance to save 20% on any Vanguard product this Christmas.  So whether it's a gift for a loved one or yourself, why not pop into your nearest authorised dealer and check out the Vanguard range for yourself.


While you can choose any Vanguard product, here are some products that we'd recommend to help you shortlist models.


We've invested heavily in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology which allows us to purchase aircraft grade aluminium from specialist manufacturers and cut it down to an incredible level of tolerance.  Compared to traditional methods of tripod manufacture this delivers better performance, better quality and allows us to incorporate more features.

The tripods below are all the carbon variants, but aluminium versions are available.  Just change the "C" in the model name to an "A".  For example, "VEO 3+ 263CB" would become "VEO 3+ 263AB".

Note:  If you want to look at what tripods we'd recommend for different styles of photography, click here to read a guide we've pulled together to try to help you shortlist the best products.


Produced with top quality materials and packed with features that are designed to make your life easier, Vanguard bags are second to none.  That said, bags are the hardest category to recommend as everybody is looking for something different, so if you see a bag you like, but it's not quite right for your kit or the colours not quite right, then check out the series as there may be something more suitable for you.


Getting the best experience out of a birdwatching trip (or any other trip, such as a safari) is more than just the optics. Sometimes the accessories can make all the difference. Here we share some of our top products.


Sometimes it's the smaller purchases that can make a great difference to your shoot, and here we give some ideas for products that may improve your experience.

Participating dealers

If your dealer doesn't list any of Vanguard's award winning products, then we'd recommend asking them why not (we'd love to hear their explanation so feel free to share) and then find a dealer who does give you that option. There are plenty of great dealers who do.

Unfortunately not every dealer lists Vanguard, or is able to run the promotion.  If your preferred dealer's not listed here, then it may just be an oversight.  Check with them, and if there is any issues just ask them to contact us and we'll happily sort it out.  

If you can't pop into store, just use this discount code at their checkout and the 20% will be deducted from your Vanguard items:


Terms & Conditions

To save 20% on any Vanguard product, use the following discount code at the store checkout between 17th November 2023 and 7th January 2024:  VG-BF-20

The discount can be used on Vanguard website or in participating authorised dealers.  Click here for a list of authorised dealers.

A UK or Ireland delivery address is needed for the code to be valid. Please note, deliveries to Ireland may result in additional charges by the delivery company.

Any dispute will be judged based on English law.

These terms and conditions apply to purchases from and other participating dealers may set their own terms and condition.

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