VEO 3GO 235AB Aluminium Travel Tripod with Monopod Leg

VEO 3GO 235AB Aluminium Travel Tripod with Monopod Leg


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The VEO 3GO 235AB Aluminium Travel Tripod is an ultra-compact and lightweight travel tripod that weighs just 1240g and folds down to 33cm, offering maximum versatility for mirrorless camera kits, DSLR camera kits and even smartphones.

  • Folds down to just 33cm and weighs just 1240kg for maximum portability
  • Extends to 136cm, with maximum load capacity of 4kg
  • Arca Swiss compatible ball head
  • Tripod leg that converts to a 136cm monopod in seconds
  • Reversible centre column, or free Low Angle Adaptor, for low angle/macro photographs
  • Rapid set and easy to clean twist locks, with a choice of rubber and spiked feet
  • Includes free VEO PA-10 kit for smartphones, with Bluetooth remote control for IOS and Android

The VEO 3GO Series was voted TIPA 2021 "Best Tripod", alongside a range of great global brands and you can see all the photography category winners here, and you can see a review by Amateur Photographer here (see the long description for more reviews). So if you're looking for the ultimate blend of portability, quality and performance why not check out the VEO 3GO and #MakeUpYourOwnMind

Please note, the Bluetooth remote control contains a CR2032 battery, so please always ensure it is always kept out of reach of children.


VEO 3GO 235AB Aluminium Travel Tripod is a compact and lightweight, 23mm, 5 section aluminium travel tripod kit with a compact ball head optimized to carry camera capacities up to 4kg/8.8 lbs. 

For maximum portability, this travel tripod folds down to just 33cm/13 inches and weighs just 1.2kg/2.7lbs. This makes it simple to pack for any trip, wherever in the world you’re travelling.

Don’t be fooled by the size though. Despite this portability, this feature packed travel tripod delivers a versatile solution for any photographer.

As well as traditional tripod shots, this travel tripod allows you to shoot low angles or simple macro shots  by either reversing the 2-section column, or removing the ball head an attach the head to the Low Angle Adapter (LAA) that is included. This ability is enhanced using the three easy set leg angles (21°, 50° and 80°) that also allow you to set up tripod for maximum stability on any terrain.

Where you don’t need a tripod, a leg can be removed in seconds and attached to the central column to create a monopod, vlogging stick or a selfie stick.

The rapid set twist locks allow the tripod to be deployed in seconds, minimising the risk that you miss a fleeting shot. In addition, these leg locks have been designed to be easy to dismantle, clean and reassemble, allowing you to setup the tripod at the beach or in dirty conditions with the confidence that you can clean them with ease when you get home. For full cleaning instructions, view our blog.

The tripod also comes with a choice of rubber or spiked feet, allowing you to choose the best setup for the conditions.  Windy?  No problem.  Simply mount a camera bag or additional weight to the retractable hook located at the base of the centre column.

The Arca Swiss compatible T-50 ball head allows you to use any Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate and extra QS-64 plates are available for multiple cameras. If you need a specialist quick release plate that Vanguard don’t supply, simply choose an Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate from any brand. 

The T-50 ball head has an ergonomic locking knob that makes it easy to lock the head, even in cold and wet conditions where gloves are needed. It also includes a separate pan-lock so you can set your level and take 360° panoramic shots with ease. To ensure that you’re not unscrewing the head by mistake as you pan, the head is secured to the central column with grub screws that allow you to pan with confidence.

If you want to get the most from your smartphone camera, for example for a behind the scene shot, this travel tripod kit includes a smartphone connector for any smartphone up to 87mm/3.4 inches wide. To maximise stability (or to allow you to use the monopod as a selfie stick) there is also a Bluetooth remote shutter trigger so you don’t need to touch the phone as you take the photo.

To top it off, VEO 3GO travel tripods take advantage of Vanguard’s investment in the latest Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology with significantly improved tolerances that delivers a higher quality end product.

See a demo video by the UK team that gives a more detailed overview of the VEO 3GO Collection:

Alternatively, click here to open a table comparing the key specifications of each model

Explore your world with confidence, with the VEO 3GO Travel Tripod!


Product Reviews:



    Tripod Style Travel Tripod Travel Tripod
    Multi-Angle Central Column No No
    Reversible Central Column Yes Yes
    Low Angle Adaptor Yes Yes
    Material Aluminium Aluminium
    Weight 2.7 lbs 1.2kg
    Folded Length 13 inches 33cm
    Maximum Height Central Column Extended 53 1/2 inches 136cm
    Maximum Height Central Column Down 41 3/4 inches 106cm
    Minimum Height 8 inches (with Low Angle Adaptor) 21cm (with Low Angle Adaptor)
    Maximum Load capacity 8.8 lbs 4kg
    Leg Diameter 0.9 inches 23mm
    Leg Sections 5 5
    Leg Lock Easy Clean Twist Lock Easy Clean Twist Lock
    Leg Angles Three - 21°, 50° & 80° Three - 21°, 50° & 80°
    Feet Type Rubber Feet & VEO SF Spiked Feet included Rubber Feet & VEO SF Spiked Feet included
    Hook For Hanging Extra Weight Yes (under central column) Yes (under central column)
    Monopod Leg Yes Yes
    Head Attachment Thread 1/4" and 3/8" 1/4" and 3/8"
    Tripod Head VEO T-50 VEO T-50
    Head Style Ball Head Ball Head
    Arca Swiss Compatible Yes Yes
    Quick Release Plate QS-64 QS-64
    Separate Pan Lock Yes Yes
    Friction Control No No
    Spirit Bubble Levels 1 1
    Tripod Bag Yes Yes
    Accessories Smartphone connector, smartphone remote control, low angle adaptor, tripod bag, spiked feet (M6 thread) and QS-64 quick release plate Smartphone connector, smartphone remote control, low angle adaptor, tripod bag, spiked feet (M6 thread) and QS-64 quick release plate
    Suitable For Mirrorless Yes Yes
    Suitable For DSLR Yes Yes
    Suitable For Pro Kit Yes (Small Kits) Yes (Small Kits)
    Warranty 2 years 2 years
    Extended Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
    Series VEO 3GO VEO 3GO
    Colour Black Black
    Other An ideal blend of portability and performance An ideal blend of portability and performance
    Amateur Photographer Silver