HUGGER 230C Ultra-Tough Black Rubber Sling

HUGGER 230C Ultra-Tough Black Rubber Sling

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HUGGER 230C is an ultra-tough rubber rifle sling that boasts reliable, all-metal hardware. Its oversized thumb loop reduces arm fatigue and keeps the rifle secure on your shoulder as you travel between locations.

  • Black
  • Tough anti-slip rubber
  • Weighs 200g
  • 80-110cm long
  • 6cm shoulder pad
  • Quick detach metal swivels
  • Oversized thumb loop

HUGGER 220C is a rifle sling that's designed to be tough. An anti-slip rubber material and thumb loop make it easy to carry, even in the toughest conditions

Quick Detach Metal Swivel Yes Yes
Material Superior Grip Anti-Slip Rubber Superior Grip Anti-Slip Rubber
Material Black Black
Weight 0.45 lbs 200g
Shoulder Pad Width 2.4 inches 60mm
Length 31.5 - 43.5 inches 800-1100mm
One Hand Adjustment No No
Thumb Loop Yes Yes
Accessories - -
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Extended Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Series Hugger Hugger
Other - -